Lindt Les Grandes 34% Hazelnut Dark 150 g

QAR 18.00
QAR 18.00

Lindt Les Grandes 34% Hazelnut Dark 150 g

Product Summary

  • A premium chocolate bar with a smooth texture and rich hazelnut flavour
  • Made with high-quality ingredients
  • The 34% cocoa content gives it a dark chocolate taste that's not too bitter, making it perfect for those who prefer a sweeter chocolate experience
  • The hazelnuts are roasted to perfection and blended into the chocolate to create a deliciously nutty flavour that complements the chocolate perfectly
  • Perfect choice as a treat for yourself or as a gift for someone special

Product Description

Indulge in the exquisite pleasure of Lindt Les Grandes 34% Hazelnut Dark Chocolate, 150g. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of rich, dark chocolate with a velvety 34% cocoa content, perfectly complemented by generous hazelnut pieces. Lindt, renowned for its Swiss chocolate craftsmanship, delivers an exceptional taste experience with every square. The sophisticated packaging hints at the luxurious treat inside, inviting you to savor the smoothness and crunchiness of hazelnuts embraced by the finest dark chocolate. Elevate your moments of indulgence with Lindt Les Grandes, where the perfect balance of flavors creates a truly extraordinary chocolate affair.


  • Chocolates can boost mood and create feelings of happiness
  • Chocolates are popular gifts and tokens of appreciation, making them great for social occasions
  • Avoid exposing chocolates to humidity
  • Keep chocolates in a cool, dry place

  • Product Information

Content            150g
Brand              Lindt
Ingredients     Sugar, Hazelnuts,Cocoa mass,cocoa butter,Butter fat, flavorings
AllergensContains of Almonds , Milk
Type             Covered Chocolate Bars
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