Loacker Classic Wafer, 30 x 17.2 g

QAR 30.00
QAR 30.00
Loacker Classic Wafer, 30 x 17.2 g

Product Summary


  • Crispy wafers with hazelnut cream filling
  • 100% italian hazelnuts freshly roasted
  • No added flavorings and colors


Enjoy the delicious flavour of Loacker Classic Wafer, which has layers of crisp wafer filled with rich hazelnut cream. These wafers give a genuine and rich hazelnut flavour because they are made with only 100% freshly roasted Italian hazelnuts. They stand out due to their dedication to quality because they don't have any additional flavourings or colours. Each mouthful features a delicious combination of creamy hazelnut deliciousness and a crunchy texture. The Loacker Classic Wafer is a delicious treat that will satiate your demands, whether it is eaten as a snack or combined with your preferred hot beverage. Experience the authentic flavour of Italian workmanship as you lose yourself in the pure enjoyment of these wafers.

Product Information

Content 30 x 17.2 g
Brand Loacker
Type Wafer Biscuits
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