LuLu Baby Diaper Size 4 7-14kg Large 62pcs

QAR 49.75
QAR 49.75
LuLu Baby Diaper Size 4 7-14kg Large 62pcs

Product Summary

  • All around wetness protection for dry and healthy skin
  • With breathable materials that promotes healthy skin
  • Leakage protection: Formulated to protect your baby for more than 12 hours, these extra-absorbent Lulu diapers are comfortable and safe for long-term wear
  • Keeping your baby's bottom dry also helps to prevent diaper rash
  • Designed for active babies and toddlers who test the sturdiness of a diaper by rolling, scooting, climbing and before long-running
  • Baby diapers enjoy tear-away sides for lightning-fast changes and a comfortable fit

Size Large (8-16kg)
Brand LuLu PL
Type Baby Nappies
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