LuLu Fresh Avocado Juice 250 ml

QAR 6.50
QAR 6.50

LuLu Fresh Avocado Juice 250 ml

Product Summary

  • Fresh and nutritious Avocado Juice
  • Hydrating and refreshing drink loaded with essential nutrients
  • Enriched with the goodness of fresh avocadoes
  • Made with carefully sourced ingredients to ensure freshness and quality
  • Contains no preservatives or additives
  • Comes in a compact bottle with a spill-proof lid that allows you to carry it with you
  • Keep refrigerated
  • Take it at breakfast or as an evening drink for instant refreshment
  • For a flavourful twist, garnish with some corn flakes

Product Description

The Lulu Fresh Avocado Juice is a freshly made non-pasteurised drink. It contains the goodness of fresh avocados and creamy milk to ensure the most refreshing fruity feeling in every sip. This pure and natural fruit juice is free from preservatives and additives for reliable consumption. It comes with a tight-fitting lid to preserve the drink's freshness until you are ready. Avocados have been known to contain an excellent amount of nutrients needed by the body for optimum health. The buttery flavour soothes your taste buds, and the creamy texture offers an enticing appeal. This avocado drink can be an add-on ingredient in power shakes, smoothies, cocktails, and mocktails. It is best suited for post-workout and after sport. . Our team of experts hand-select and examine the ingredients to ensure top quality and safety. They are also packed using high-quality packaging to preserve freshness.


  • Avocados are a nutrient-dense food that is high in healthy fats, fiber and potassium.
  • They are also loaded with the vitamins C, K, and B-6, as well as other nutrients.
  • Avocados are also a good source of dietary fiber and antioxidants.
  • Keep refrigerated.
  • You can enhance the flavour by adding your favourite nuts.
  • Take it at breakfast, as an evening drink, or as a post-workout supplement.

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