Milka Chips Ahoy Chocolate 100 g

QAR 8.25
QAR 8.25

Milka Chips Ahoy Chocolate 100 g

Product Summary

  • 100% alpine milk chocolate chips ahoy

Product Description

Savor the delightful union of two beloved brands with Milka Chips Ahoy Chocolate, a 100g treat that combines the lusciousness of Milka chocolate with the crunch of Chips Ahoy cookies. This delectable creation features smooth and velvety Milka chocolate filled with generous portions of Chips Ahoy cookie pieces, offering a symphony of textures and flavors. Each bite is a journey into the world of sweet indulgence, where the rich and creamy chocolate melds with the crispy, chocolaty cookie bits, creating a taste sensation that is pure delight. Whether you are treating yourself to a moment of personal bliss or sharing with friends and family, Milka Chips Ahoy Chocolate is a delightful reminder that some pairings are simply meant to be.


  • Chocolates can boost mood and create feelings of happiness
  • Chocolates are popular gifts and tokens of appreciation, making them great for social occasions
  • Avoid exposing chocolates to humidity
  • Keep chocolates in a cool, dry place

  • Product Information

          Brand Milka
          Type Covered Chocolate Bars
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