Almas Water W.L.L was founded in the fourth quarter of 2015 and started its operation with an objective to deliver the best quality drinking water to the residents of Qatar at their doorsteps for healthy living. Almas provides fresh, pure, and refreshing drinking water and makes it available to you at your disposal. The low sodium content in our water makes us stand apart from the competitors in the region. Almas bottles nature’s gift and carries the pure taste of nature to your home. We provide the best drinking water in Qatar. We offer purified bottled (5-gallon) water delivery to your home, office, or workplace. Our mission has always been to bring nature’s gift to you ensuring your wellness and healthy life. Water hydrates and helps replenish lost nutrients. Almas's water-balanced mineral composition revitalizes and nourishes your body, so you lead a healthy and purposeful lifestyle. In addition to many health benefits, this right balance of essential minerals gives Almas water a unique soft and smooth taste. At Almas, a well-organized, fast and reliable distribution network connects all these units to satisfy the need of the consumer.

We offer:

Drinking Water in Bottles with 19 Liters of water, is simply the Best Water Delivery Management System.

  • A well-organized, fast, and reliable distribution network.
  • The best office water delivery service.
  • Door to Door Delivery (Home Delivery) at your convenience.
  • The best 5-gallon bottled water in Qatar.
  • 100 % customer satisfaction.

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