Nambisan's Pure Ghee 200 ml

QAR 13.50
QAR 13.50
Nambisan's Pure Ghee 200 ml

Product Summary


  • Made by melting pure butter
  • Good source of essential nutrients needed for a healthy diet
  • Wafting aroma enlivens your senses
  • Rich texture adds a wonderful sheen to your meals
  • Mouth-watering taste offers a burst of flavours
  • Perfect topping ingredient on parathas, rotis, and rice preparations
  • Makes traditional sweets more delicious
  • Suitable for frying, cooking, baking, and sauting
  • Comes in a hygienically sealed jar to preserve the flavour


Give your recipes a touch of wonderful sheen and flavour with the Nambisan's Pure Ghee. It is made by melting pure butter to ensure the perfect texture and aroma. Pure ghee is a healthier alternative to other fat spreads. It contains essential nutrients that aid in good health and keeps you in good shape while providing enough calories to keep you energetic all day long. It comes hygienically packed in a tightly sealed jar to preserve its goodness and flavour. Ghee is a good source of vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids, both of which are essential for maintaining healthy skin and lustrous hair. Also, it is ideal for those on a keto diet. Pure ghee has a strong aroma and distinctive flavour. A spoon of it, when added to your favourite bread or rice preparations, helps enhance the taste with a burst of flavours. Ghee is also suitable for frying, cooking, baking and sauting."

Product Information

Content 200ml
Brand Nambisan'S
Type Ghee
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