Pampers Premium Baby Diapers Size 5, 11-16kg 20pcs

QAR 36.00
QAR 36.00
Pampers Premium Baby Diapers Size 5, 11-16kg 20pcs

Product Summary

  • Soft & Comfortable Diapers: All round soft and stretchy sides, gently wraps your baby in silky softness to give an extra comfortable fit and ensure your baby's skin remains soft
  • Protects your baby's delicate belly with a perfectly contoured fit
  • Breathable Materials: These baby diapers contain a lotion that helps protect your baby from skin irritation and is made of Breathable Materials with micropores that let fresh air in and humid air out so skin can breathe freely
  • Runny-Mess Absorption: The only diaper lined with a unique Absorb-Away Layer
  • Pampers premium diapers feel silky soft while pulling wetness away from your baby's skin, driven by its super adsorbent quilts
  • Made in Germany

Brand Pampers
Diaper SizeSize 5: (11-16kg)
Type Baby Nappies
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