Pampers Premium Care Baby Diaper Size 6 13+ kg 2 x 43 pcs

QAR 134.00
QAR 134.00

Pampers Premium Care Baby Diaper Size 6 13+ kg 2 x 43 pcs

Product Summary

  • Pampers Premium Care diapers offer superior protection and comfort for your baby's delicate skin
  • Designed with a soft and gentle material that feels comfortable against your baby's skin, reducing the risk of irritation and rashes
  • Features an absorbent core that quickly locks away wetness and keeps your baby dry and comfortable for longer durations
  • The diapers are made with breathable materials that allow air circulation, helping to keep your baby's skin fresh and dry
  • Designed with flexible sides and stretchy waistbands that adapt to your baby's movements, providing a secure and comfortable fit
  • With advanced leak guards and leg cuffs, diapers offer reliable protection against leaks and accidents, keeping your baby dry and mess-free

Product Description

Get the Pampers Premium Care Baby Diapers in Size 6, designed for babies weighing 13 kilograms and above, offering exceptional comfort and protection. This package includes two packs, each containing 43 diapers, ensuring a continuous supply for your little one's needs. Crafted with premium-quality materials, these diapers feature a soft and breathable outer layer that is gentle on delicate skin, minimizing the risk of irritation. The innovative Absorb Away Liner quickly draws wetness away from your baby's skin, keeping them dry and comfortable for extended periods. With a flexible waistband and stretchy leg cuffs, these diapers provide a snug and comfortable fit, preventing leaks and ensuring freedom of movement. Trusted by parents worldwide, Pampers Premium Care Baby Diapers in Size 6 deliver unbeatable protection and peace of mind, allowing your baby to play, explore, and rest comfortably.

Product Information

Content 2 x 43 pcs
Brand Pampers
Type Baby Nappies

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