Panzani Vermicelli 3 x 500g

QAR 13.75
QAR 13.75

Panzani Vermicelli 3 x 500g

Product Summary

  • Made from 100% superior-grade durum-wheat semolina for reliable consumption
  • Cooks to a slightly firm texture in 3 minutes and turns soft in 4 minutes
  • Rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fats to offer healthy consumption
  • Durum wheat contains high dietary fibre to aid in digestion
  • Ideally used as an essential ingredient to prepare soup pasta
  • Soft texture melts in your mouth when cooked well
  • Features a balanced flavour and absorbs the taste of the other ingredients cooked with it
  • Keep it stored in a cool, dry place to retain its freshness

Treat your loved ones to a wholesome meal by preparing an irresistible delicacy with the Panzani Vermicelli. It is processed from 100% superior-grade durum-wheat semolina to offer exceptional taste and texture. This vermicelli cooks slightly firm when boiled for 3 minutes, and it cooks well to a softer texture in about 4 minutes. It is an essential ingredient in the preparation of soup pasta. All you have to do is brown onions in a saucepan and season them with garlic and basil and bring this mix to a boil, add the vermicelli into this recipe, and you are all set! Did you know that vermicelli easily absorbs the flavours of whatever ingredient is cooked with it? Now you have another reason to create assorted dishes with it!

Rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fats, this wheat vermicelli provides an instant energy boost to keep you going all day long. Additionally, durum wheat has more dietary fibre than flour made from regular wheat, which aids in easy digestibility.

Panzani vermicelli is hygienically packed to ensure maximum freshness. You can store it in a sealed container and keep it in a cool, dry place to ensure extended storage.

Product Information

  • Content 3 x 500g
  • Brand Panzani
  • Type Vermicelli

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