Parachute Sampoorna Hair Oil 2 x 300 ml

QAR 15.75
QAR 15.75

Parachute Sampoorna Hair Oil 2 x 300 ml

Product Summary

  • Enriched with almond to strengthen your hair and nourish the follicles
  • Formulated with hibiscus to prevent premature greying, hairloss, dandruff, dryness, and split ends
  • Contains coconut that moisturises your hair and scalp
  • Fights hair damage for beautiful and healthy hair
  • Restores hair and scalp health with deep nourishment
  • Suitable for colour-treated and damaged hair

The Parachute Sampoorna Hair Oil is a perfect pick for keeping your hair well-nourished and healthy. Containing the goodness of almond and hibiscus extracts, the hair oil provides deep nourishment to your hair and prevents damage. The Parachute hair oil is also loaded with the benefits of coconut to provide your hair with smoothness, shine, and nourishment. It is specially formulated for coloured hair and damaged hair. The special formula of this oil keeps your scalp nourished and strengthens your hair, promoting better hair growth. The hair oil is perfect for massaging your scalp and locks 30 minutes before a hair wash to ensure gorgeous and healthy hair.

Product Information

Content 2 x 300ml
Brand Parachute
Type Hair Oil

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