Pepsi Bottle 1.25 Litres

QAR 4.50
QAR 4.50

Pepsi Bottle 1.25 Litres

Product Summary

  • Classic Pepsi drink, robust in flavour and deeply refreshing
  • A must-have for any kind of social occasion, always tastes best when shared
  • Can be effortlessly enjoyed both indoors and outdoors.

Product Description

Delicious bold and deeply refreshing Pepsi is a classic one of a kind cola drink widely popular and enjoyed by many around the globe. A true must have during any occasion Pepsi always tastes the best when shared with family and friends. Pepsi 1.25L comes in a pet bottle making it a perfect companion for picnics family get togethers and occasions as well as both indoor and outdoor activities. Enjoy the unique taste of Pepsi.

Product Information
  • Type Carbonated Drinks
  • Brand Pepsi
  • Ingredients Carbonate water, Sugar, Color (Caramel), Acidulant (phosphoric Acid), caffeine, Emulsifier (Gum Arabic), Natural Cola Flavour.
  • Content 1.25Litre
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