Pepsi Bottle 330 ml

QAR 2.00
QAR 2.00

Pepsi Bottle 330 ml

Product Summary 

  • Fizzy, refreshing, and carbonated drink to instantly replenish and rejuvenate
  • Instantly energizes and keeps you going for the day
  • Robust flavour impresses your taste buds
  • Ideal for serving at parties and get together
  • Recyclable bottle catering to environmental needs

Cool down your body and keep yourself hydrated by getting your hands on the Pepsi PET Bottle drink. This thirst-quenching beverage refreshes you and keeps you going, even on a scorching hot day. It is a perfect party starter to serve at any social occasion, whether a happy get-together or a birthday party. This fizzy drink is your stay-happy mascot and companion, ideal for treating taste buds and bringing a smile to faces. In addition, the carbonated drink tastes best when served chilled. Did you know that the sun never sets during the summer in the northern parts of Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, and Iceland?


The Pepsi soft drink energises and instantly lifts up your mood and provides a significant refreshment that is much needed on a hot summer day. Also, it is excellent for serving your guests for a chill-out afternoon or evening.


Store the bottle in a cool, dry place away from direct heat sources. Enjoy it chilled for maximum refreshment.

Product Information

  • Type Carbonated Drinks
  • Brand Pepsi
  • Content 330 ml
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