Perdix Frozen Chicken Griller 1.1kg

QAR 14.25
QAR 14.25

Perdix Frozen Chicken Griller 1.1kg

Product Summary


  • Fresh and hygienically sourced chicken ensures perfect taste and flavour
  • Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals
  • Ideal for preparing a festive Sunday roast
  • Tender and juicy meat for preparing a wide range of cuisines for your guests
  • Can be refrigerated for later use
  • Comes ready to cook to add convenience to your cooking tasks
  • Meat processed as per halal norms


Impress your guests with your culinary skills by getting home the Perdix Frozen Chicken Griller. It is locally raised and naturally fresh halal chicken with no added antibiotics or hormones. It comes uncut with skin on to ensure it retains its juiciness below the well-done skin. It comes cleaned, gutted and ready to cook to make a perfect choice for an elaborate meal. You can marinate it for roasting or baking. The whole chicken is sure to become the centerpiece of your feast, enabling your guests to choose their favourite pieces.

Product Information
  • Brand Perdix
  • Content 2 x 1.1kg
  • Type Whole Chicken
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