World Plastic Factory produces heavy duty Polythene sheets of width up to 4 meters and thickness from 100 Gauge (25 micron) to 2000 Gauge (500 micron). The company's heavy duty Polythene sheets are already being used in major construction projects all over Qatar by leading construction company's.

These sheets are ideal for a variety of jobs:

  • Foundation protection
  • Under proofing
  • To Offer high degree of resistance to corrosive effects of Sulphate  and chlorides of ground water land subsoil.
  • For good impact, mechanical strength Note: Polythene

Product Selections

  • Polythene Sheets-Clear-(100-1500 Gauge)
  • Polythene Sheets-Black-(100-1500 Gauge)
  • Shrink Film & Polythene Rolls

We have the capacity to manufacture sheets of any colour and any size from 25 to 500 microns (100 - 2000 Gauge) in thickness and width up to 5 meters.

Polythene sheets can be manufactured as per customer requirements.

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