Quaker Cooking Oats Tin 500 g

QAR 7.50
QAR 7.50
Quaker Cooking Oats Tin 500 g

Product Summary

  • 100% Wholegrain Oats.
  • High in Fiber.
  • Source of Protein
  • Versatile to use in Quakers healthy and delicious recipe
Unlock the super power of Quaker oats to get the perfect start to your day! Versatile, nutritious, and delicious, Quaker Whole Oats satisfies everyones taste buds. Packed with the goodness of the Super Grain, Quaker Whole Oats is made from 100% whole grain oats and is rich in minerals and nutrients (Fiber, Protein, 5 vitamins and minerals (Manganese, Phosphorus Magnesium, Iron, Vit B1). Quaker Whole Oats is a healthy delicious addition to any recipe with the perfect grain size for both texture and taste. Top it up with your favourite fruits and nuts, add it to your smoothie for a nutrition packed breakfast, or get an extra healthy crunch by adding it to you soups and salad.

Product Information

Content 500g
Brand Quaker
Ingredients Wholegrain Oats Flakes
Type Oats

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