Sadia Chicken Nuggets With Vegetables 270g

QAR 6.75
QAR 6.75

Sadia Chicken Nuggets With Vegetables 270g

Product Summary

  • Made from minced chicken breast meat
  • Hygienically packed and stored to preserve natural properties
  • Easy to prepare by defrosting and frying
  • Ideal snack or add-on to any meal
  • Served with ketchup or a dip

Product Description

Craving a snack or a tasty add-on to your meal? These Sadia Chicken Nuggets With Vegetables are the perfect solution! They are made using fresh Halal chicken and are hygienically packaged to prevent nutrient loss. Preparing these treats is super easyjust defrost, fry, and enjoy! You can serve them as starters or as quick bites at tea times. With ketchup or a dip on the side, these tasty nuggets serve as the perfect snack choice for movie nights at home. You can also add these chicken chunks to rolls, salads, or rice bowls for an extra touch of taste and goodness.
Product Information
Brand Sadia
Content 270g
Type Nuggets
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