Sweet'n Low, Low Calorie Sweetener Sachets 200 pcs

QAR 23.75
QAR 23.75

Sweet'n Low, Low Calorie Sweetener Sachets 200 pcs

Product Summary

  • Formulated with aspartame and acesulfame potassium
  • Delivers excellent sweet taste, similar to that of real sugar
  • Can be used in coffee, tea, or other desserts
  • Satisfies your sweet tooth craving healthily
  • Pack includes 200 sachets for long-term use

Product Description

Got a sweet tooth? But also worried about fitness? Well, the Sweet'n Low Calorie Sweetener has got you covered. It is manufactured using aspartame and acesulfame potassium to deliver sweetness equivalent to that of real sugar, without making you compromise on your fitness goals. Use this sweetener to sweeten your tea or coffee, or include it as one of the key ingredients while cooking your favourite dessert. It deserves to be a part of everyday cooking essentials right away. Also, the package contains 200 sachets to offer long-term use.

Product Information

Brand Sweet'n Low
Content 200pcs
Type Low Calorie Sweetener
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