Tamarin Tamarind Candy 150 g

QAR 6.75
QAR 6.75

Tamarin Tamarind Candy 150 g

Product Summary

  • Tamarind Candy
  • Natural Tamarind Extract

Product Description

Experience the unique and bold flavor of Tamarin Tamarind Candy, a 150g package of bite-sized delights that brings the zesty, sweet, and tangy essence of tamarind to your taste buds. Each candy is a tribute to the vibrant and exotic taste of tamarind, offering a perfect balance of sour and sweet in every bite. Whether you are indulging in a moment of tropical nostalgia, satisfying your craving for bold and exciting flavors, or sharing this extraordinary candy with friends, Tamarin Tamarind Candy promises a distinctive taste sensation that is both unforgettable and refreshing. With this package, you are transporting your senses to an enchanting world of tropical delights, where the essence of tamarind takes center stage.

Product Information

Brand Tamarin
Content 150g
Type Candy
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