Tiffany Bugles Cheese Corn Snacks 125 g

QAR 5.75
QAR 5.75

Tiffany Bugles Cheese Corn Snacks 125 g

Product Summary


  • Made from corn grits to fill your tummy as an afternoon snack
  • Nacho cheese seasoning flavour teases your taste buds
  • Can be eaten on their own or with some yummy dip
  • Funnel-shaped, crispy chips burst open their lingering flavour when popped in the mouth

Product Description

The Tiffany Bugles Cheese Chips are the perfect choice for munching on while watching your favourite TV show or movie marathon. Containing the mouth-watering nacho cheese seasoning, the chips tantalise your taste buds and provide you with a delightful feeling. This bag of chips is a perfect snack to satiate your hunger pangs and cravings as you work or spend some fun time with your family or friends. These cheese chips can be teamed with dips like ketchup and more, or they can even be eaten on their own. Nonetheless, their taste is incredible. Made from corn grits, the chips are also a filling afternoon snack for your kiddo.

Product Information

Brand Tiffany
Ingredients corn grits, palmolein oil, natural cheese flavour, salt, sugar & monosodium glutamate
Allergenscontains milk (lactose) & wheat (gluten)
Content 125 g
Type Corn Based Bags
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