Turnips 500g

QAR 2.00
QAR 2.00

Turnips 500g

Product Summary


  • Fresh turnips with a crunchy texture and a bitter and tangy flavour
  • Rich source of dietary fibre and carbohydrates
  • Loaded with the benefits of calcium
  • Sourced carefully to ensure good quality
  • Can be roasted or paired with mashed potatoes
  • Slice and add them to your salads or use them as toppings on a burrito
  • Country of origin: India/Pakistan

Product Description

Savour the rich and flavourful delicacies with these Turnips. We strive to ensure that the products are of a high standard of quality and meet the requirements of food safety. Our team constantly and carefully monitors what we have in stock to recognize the freshest items and to confirm they are of the best possible quality.


  • Turnips contain plenty of nutrients and are low in calories.
  • It can also provide protein and magnesium.

  • Store in a dry and cool place.
  • It is an ideal vegetable to make salads healthier.
  • Can be roasted, baked or grilled.
  • When adding potatoes to a soup or stew, add turnips as well.

People pickle turnips occasionally in the Middle East.
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