The battery, starter, and alternator make up the electrical system of your car. The starter receives power from the battery. The alternator then supplies the battery with the energy it requires to run your car. Your automobile won't start or run correctly if one of these components isn't functioning properly. To make sure everything is operating properly, our skilled technicians can run a system check on the electrical system. It identifies any potential issues with your electrical system. If one of our professionals discovers a problem, they will inform you of the solution. We can stop any issue before it arises, preventing the need for you to be stranded with a non-starting car.


Your battery is supplying all of the car's electrical current up until it begins. This includes the electricity going to the fuel and ignition systems, which are in charge of starting the combustion your engine needs to run.


Your car's battery provides power to start it, but the starter is what really starts the engine. The starter motor receives a tiny amount of electricity from the battery. The flywheel is subsequently turned by the starter, which spins the crankshaft and starts the pistons moving in the engine. It's important to ensure sure the starter functions because of this complex process. It might be challenging to predict exactly when a starter will fail, but a Firestone Complete Auto Care electrical system inspection will help you see the early indicators. We examine the starter's current draw to make sure it is appropriate. While a low current draw may hint to corroded cables or connections, an excessive current draw will reveal a worn starter. Do not fret! This is a problem our expert technicians can fix.


The alternator keeps the electrical system working and the battery charged while your engine is running. A damaged alternator can still start your automobile, but it won't be able to keep it running for very long. If the alternator needs to be replaced, the electrical system of your car will function incorrectly, the battery will drain, and finally the engine will shut off. Whether the alternator is producing the right amount of current and voltage depends on the results of a thorough electrical system inspection at Firestone Complete Auto Care. This will give you advance notice if your alternator is about to fail.


The electrical system in your car is crucial. Very significant. Maintaining knowledge about its performance is also important. If left unchecked, a weak or dead battery can cause serious damage to starters and alternators, among other electrical system components. Don't wait to take action if your electrical system is acting strangely. Bring your automobile to your neighborhood Firestone Complete Auto Care so they can evaluate the situation, verify the voltage, and avert potential further harm. Failure should never be an option, ever.

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