Warner Bros Batman/Wonder Woman Fan 6 g

QAR 21.00
QAR 21.00

Warner Bros Batman/Wonder Woman Fan 6 g

Product Summary

  • Batman/Wonder Woman depiction adds a vibrant touch
  • Candy inside to treat the taste buds
  • Portable design for easy storage and carrying
  • Fun toy cum candy popper for endless hours of fun playtime
  • Exciting gifting solution for kid's birthday parties or any other gift-sharing occasion

Unleash your inner superhero with the Warner Bros Batman/Wonder Woman Fan, a cool and compact accessory that adds a touch of fandom flair to your everyday life. This 6g fan features iconic images of Batman and Wonder Woman, two legendary figures from the DC Universe, making it a must-have for fans of superhero adventures. With its convenient size, this fan easily fits into your pocket or bag, ensuring you stay cool in style whenever you need it. Perfect for on-the-go use or as a collectible for enthusiasts, the Warner Bros Batman/Wonder Woman Fan allows you to showcase your love for these iconic characters.


  • Chocolates can boost mood and create feelings of happiness
  • Chocolates are popular gifts and tokens of appreciation, making them great for social occasions
  • Avoid exposing chocolates to humidity
  • Keep chocolates in a cool, dry place

Product Information

Brand LuLu PL
Content 6 g
Type Candy
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