Whiskas Beef Liver in Gravy Wet Cat Food Pouch for 1+ Years Adult Cats 80 g

QAR 3.25
QAR 3.25

Whiskas Beef Liver in Gravy Wet Cat Food Pouch for 1+ Years Adult Cats 80 g

Product Summary


  • SOFT MEATS IN A DELICATE SAUCE: Your cat will indulge in the delicacy of the soft Beef Liver prepared in rich gravy sauce, to satisfy all its palates, so they can always look forward to dinnertime.
  • FOR ACTIVE AND ENERGETIC CATS: This wet food pouch with Beef Liver in Gravy is prepared with selected quality protein, fat and minerals from real animal derivatives to keep your cat bursting with energy and activity all day.
  • TAURINE AND VALUABLE NUTRIENTS: This Whiskas meal contains omega 3 and 6, zinc, and fatty acids to keep your cat healthy and maintain its shiny coat. the taurine and vitamin A included are also essential for your cat's eyesight.
  • UNFORGETTABLE SAVORY TASTE: Our in Gravy range dinners contain creative blends of premium ingredients that are sure to suit fussy eaters, established and certified by AAFCO.
  • ALLOWS YOUR CAT TO BE THE HUNTER: Natural animal derivatives are included in the Whiskas Beef Liver in Gravy to satisfy your cat's natural instincts and their propensity for hunting.


Whiskas is skilled in feeding your cat food that is both scrumptious and healthy. With this meal's nutritionally complete diet, your cat will have a healthy lifestyle, skin, and fur. Your adult cat is catered for with Whiskas Beef Liver in Gravy wet food that helps satisfy your feline's full food palate. Omega 3 and 6, fatty acids, & zinc are all present to keep your cat healthy and retain its glossy coat. To keep your cat full of energy and active all day, this food is created with high-quality protein, fat, and minerals from real animal derivatives that are natural to fulfill your feline's instincts. It also includes taurine and vitamin A, both of which are necessary for your cat's eyesight. This product is especially prepared and packed in a pouch that is convenient for use with a Flavor Lock that helps seal all the freshness inside. Whiskas wet cat food will satisfy your discerning feline's love for gourmet dishes. Each dinner is prepared with fresh real animal derivatives, with accents of natural juices for amazing maximum moisture. For a delightful flavor and palate-pleasing cat meals, our in Gravy range uses soft meats in a light, delicate gravy sauce.

Product Information

Type Cat Food
Brand Whiskas 
Content 80g
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