Whiskas Wet Cat Food Tuna for Adult Cats 1+ Years 4 x 80 g

QAR 12.25
QAR 12.25

Whiskas Wet Cat Food Tuna for Adult Cats 1+ Years 4 x 80 g

Product Summary

  • REAL FISH PROTEIN: Whiskas Tuna Adult 1+ years complete and balanced nutrition, filled with proteins from real fish, including fats, vitamins, and minerals, so your feline fluffy friend can always stay fit and happy.
  • NUTRITIOUS MEAL OF CHOICE: Whiskas Tuna cat meal contains Omega 3 and 6, zinc and fatty acids to keep your cat healthy and maintain its shiny coat. the taurine and vitamin A included are also essential for your cat's eyesight.
  • INCLUDES ANTIOXIDANTS: This cat wet food contains antioxidants like vitamin E for a healthy immune system which plays a vital role in keeping them healthy, by fighting off harmful bacteria, killing viruses, and eliminating everyday toxins
  • PREVENTS FELINE OBESITY: Whiskas Tuna is especially formulated for cats aged 1 year old and above. It's important to feed your adult cat a diet specially formulated for 1+ years to help them maintain a healthy weight during adulthood.
  • IRRESISTIBLY FRESH MEALS: Let your purring machine keep purring all day long for these Whiskas irresistibly fresh meal. Their curiosity will be enticed with the ravishing aroma of these delicacies!

 Product Description

For them to be fit and healthy, cats require plenty of playtime and a balanced diet. And since cats are carnivores, they require twice as much protein as humans do. For maximum health, they also require 41 important elements. Each WHISKAS product is specifically created to be complete to do all that and even more! We are aware of the dietary requirements of cats and their need to have uniquely cooked pre-packaged meals! Eat, groom, amuse, and sleep again. Dinnertime is a significant part of your cat's daily routine, and it's crucial that they eat a meal rich in nutrients, protein, and minerals that are beneficial to them such as this Whiskas Tuna meal. Featuring high quality ingredients and delicious recipes, these pouches are easy to open, easy to serve and great for all cat breeds, from Persian cats, British Shorthair to Siamese cats, to goofy orange fur balls, it is enjoyed by all!

Product Information

Type Cat Food
Brand Whiskas
Content 4 x 80g
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