GRP Lining is a permanent layer coating process for Concrete Tanks to prevent leakage and water absorption, GRP Lining for Underground Concrete water tanks prevents algae and fungal growth. GRP Lining is permanent layer coating process, and will last for a lifetime. GRP lined tanks are suitable for storage of potable water as we are using the same water Tank manufacturing materials for GRP Lining.

GRP Lining has diverse applications including Corrosion Resistance, Structural Strengthening and Waterproofing. It can be found in most if not all Water Storage Tanks, Sewerage Tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks, Tank Roof Lining, Manholes, Sewerage Sump Pit, Cooling Towers, Chemical Plants, Fire Fighting Networks, Pipeline Networks, Water Transmission Pipelines, etc

Special grade resins are used to attain various properties, which allow the GRP Lining to withstand resistance to fungi & algae, strong acids, chemicals and high temperature. It’s an effective alternative to component replacement.


GRP Lining will completely and seamlessly seal the cracks, leaks, corrosion and flaking materials. It offers a new life to damaged/eroded walls providing a long term, secure environment at a fraction of the cost of a total rebuild.


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