Electronic Article Surveillance ( EAS ) Systems or Anti-theft systems are used to protect the merchandising material and to prevent shoplifting from retail stores. EAS Anti Theft system helps retailers to boost their sales and protect their profits by increasing open merchandising opportunities while reducing shoplifting and internal theft. Business Success is achieved only if we integrate various anti-theft solutions to protect our products.

Axle System is the official dealer of Crosspoint anti-theft products in the Qatar region. Crosspoint EAS system product range includes solutions for 58 kHz Acoustic-Magnetic (AM), 8.2 MHz Radio Frequency (RF) platforms, EAS Deactivators, EAS Detachers, and EAS tags. We also offer Concealed systems that help you uncompromising your store appearance. We offer a full range of accessories designed to fit your store operations and make the most of your RF and AM EAS system. Our products have proven to be the most versatile and reliable EAS Anti Theft equipment on the market today.

All Cross Point products are superior in quality and match perfectly with your store interior. Your logo, advertisement or house style can easily be applied to the various system panels if this is desired. Striking or subtle, whatever suits you.

Cross Point products have many other features like Jammer detection, Multicolored Alarm systems, compatibility with Analytics, etc which best suits your requirement for anti-theft products.

Axle Systems, the market-leading system integrator in Qatar. Axle Systems have done More than 1,000 Installations in Qatar retail sector since the association started with Crosspoint in 2012. Our good experienced Technicians can help you to solve your anti-shoplifting needs.

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