With the outbreak of  Covid19 Corona virus, keeping ourselves and our surroundings sanitized and disinfected  premises are the topmost priority right now in Qatar. With the ongoing global pandemic, one cannot emphasize enough on the importance of staying clean and keeping our surroundings like homes, offices and public places clean and infection free. Disinfection Service company Sanitation Service

Hegy International brings you the Best Covid 19 Corona virus Disinfection Service Sanitizing Services. We clean, disinfect and sanitize your living spaces, thus, taking away the unnecessary stress off your shoulders. Our skilled team is trained to clean and sanitize in the most effective way.

Commercial Buildings (Shops, Restaurants, Offices, Staff Accommodation, Malls and Schools)

Public places can be breeding grounds for viruses and all other kinds of infections. Places like these are often crowded which makes spreading of infections easy and quick. Having a proper disinfection and sanitation becomes must to avoid the rapid and frequent growth of viruses. Public places can all be thriving with germs and while washing hands at regular intervals is a great habit and does help in containing the spread of infection to a great extent, we’d still need to rely on disinfectants for overall protection.

Homes and Residences – Apartments and Villas Disinfection Sanitation Service

Furniture, carpets and mattresses need to be deep cleaned from time to time, during pandemic crisis like these or otherwise. Since most of the houses and flats are completely closed because of the air-conditioning system, germs and viruses tend to circulate in the environment deteriorating our health and stamina. However, to ensure your homes are germ-free and safe, you can always count on our disinfection and sanitation services.

We also undertake Sanitation Disinfection Service For Vehicle: Car, Trucks & Public Transportation
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