Car Parking Barriers and Bollards are supplied and installed in Qatar by Axle Systems. Parking Barriers and Bollards are very popular in Qatar and are used to restrict access to your private parking area or can be used to manage the entrance to parking areas in office buildings, Shopping malls, Hotels, and Industries. Fixed  Bollards can also be used to protect sensitive areas. We integrate brands like CAME, BFT, and Tau.

Gate Barriers and Parking Equipment can be controlled electronically according to the required level of security and safety controls. With our high level of specialization in security systems integration, we can serve all your needs in entrance and parking control and parking management. Our Parking Barriers are fitted with heavy-duty gearboxes and motors, which enables us to cope up with thousands of operations cycles on daily basis and thus achieve high demand in the Qatar market for Gate barriers.

If you are looking for an effective, reliable, and economical way to secure your car parking spaces, then Axle system Qatar is the right place to get your problems solved. Our Quality products and well-experienced technicians will take care of your parking management needs.

Rising arm barriers are also known as automated barriers and car park barriers. This type of Gate barrier can also be fitted with a ‘skirt’ below and/or above the arm. Barriers featuring skirts should only be operated by a guard/deadman operation. They are generally installed in applications where there is an anticipated high flow of traffic. Frequently, an automated barrier may be in operation during the daytime but during nighttime hours when the flow of traffic is reduced, an automated gate may assume responsibility for access control/security.
Automated gate barriers feature regularly in car parks, where access control might be combined with revenue collection. They may also be used in high-security sites.
Robust automatic barrier with 100% duty rating and operating time of 5–7 s, designed for low to medium traffic applications and providing a significant enhancement to perimeter security. Available for boom lengths up to 9 meters.

Traffic Bollards can be used either to control traffic intake size by limiting movements or to control traffic speed by narrowing the available space. Planners and architects use them to manage both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, enhance landscape and architecture, light pedestrian pathways, secure and protect buildings and people, and provide bike parking. Bollards are also now being used indoors, in warehouses, for asset protection.

Security bollards are also visual guides to pedestrians and traffic but are additionally built to resist vehicle impact. Playgrounds near parking lots, parks beside sharp bends in the road, outdoor patios by busy roadways: these are just some of the places that security bollards might help prevent an accident from becoming a tragedy. Steel-and-concrete bollards in a variety of widths can be matched to the vehicle speeds and distance of the pedestrian zone to the roadway.

Bollards come in different shapes and sizes as per the requirement. Bollards can also be constructed to physically block vehicle incursion, protecting people and property. They are customized based on customer requirements with design add-ons, but their primary function is resistance to impact forces. The increasing use of motor vehicles in urban environments demonstrates the need to install effective barrier systems which allow pedestrian flow while precluding vehicle encroachment. Bollards are exceptionally effective in that role.


  • Building forecourts and perimeters
  • Shopping centers and malls
  • Government sites and utilities
  • Industrial complexes
  • Public and community areas
  • Schools and university campuses
  • Pneumatic Rising bollards
  • Removable Road bollards
  • Triangular flanged Fixed Bollards
  • Chained & Flanged Fixing Bollards
  • Crash tested Fixed Bollards
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