Axle Systems supplies and Installs various people/visitor counting devices that enable retailers to increase store performance by keeping track of the number of visitors.Axle System supplies and installs People counting or Visitor Counting systems from crosspoint, v-count, and irisys. The people/Visitor counter is an electronic device that is used to measure the number of people traversing a certain passage or entrance. People Counting devices are also known as footfall counters, door counters, customer counters, and visitor counters; these devices work by detecting when a person crosses an invisible count line that has been configured in their settings. How the people counting device detects a visitor depends on the technology used. The most popular technologies are infrared, thermal, and  Camera-based(Vision). Once collected, count data is normally sent via the internet to a retail analytics software platform for report generation.

People Counting Systems helps to

  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Determine the staff allocation or shifts
  • Determine which areas and entrances are widely used in a mall
  • Monitor the high traffic areas in a mall
  • Calculate the Conversion rate, which is the percentage of total visitors versus the number that make purchases.

Types of People Counting Systems
There are different types of People or Visitor Counting Systems Based on the technology used


Our People Counting systems In combination with Cross Point Analytics provides full insight into visitor flows and conversion factors. Through an easy-to-use web-based service and iOS apps, comprehensive store analysis and store monitoring can be achieved in a clear and convenient way.

Centralization of Point Of Sale and visitor counter information enables proper store performance analysis. Cross Point Analytics collects the centralized information and presents this in a clear and easy-to-use interface. Store comparison has never been this easy, complete, and accessible everywhere through the usage of convenient web-based, iPad, and iPhone applications.

Axle Systems have done many successful implementations of Crosspoint Visitor/People Counting Systems in Qatar, few of our happy customers are
The Mall, Lagoona Mall, Harley Davidson, Pico, Darb El-Saai (Qatar National Day Celebration ground)

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