LuLu Corn Flakes Classic Value Pack 2 x 375 g

QAR 15.00
QAR 15.00
LuLu Corn Flakes Classic Value Pack 2 x 375 g

Product Summary

  • With protein and fibre needed for a healthy diet
  • Contains no artificial colours or flavours for reliable consumption
  • Made using the finest ingredients for great taste
  • Crunchy texture appetises your palate
  • Subtle taste offers a burst of flavours
  • Tastes great when eaten with milk
  • Perfect standalone treat for delightful snacking
  • Sealed packaging helps keep the freshness intact

Kickstart your day with a dose of taste combined with nutrition by adding LuLu PL Corn Flakes Classic Value Pack to your breakfast bowl. They are made using the finest ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours for a great taste. You can even enjoy the corn flakes as a standalone treat because they are so lightweight and crunchy! Or have them the traditional way with milk. Did you know? Corn flakes are one of the most popular breakfast cereals consumed worldwide. For many, it is an integral part of Lulu PLLtheir morning routine.

These corn flakes are rich in fibre and protein to keep you in good shape. Corn flakes, or cornflakes, are made by toasting flakes of corn to golden perfection. Corn is a vegetable and a cereal grain, rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals required for a healthy diet.

These ready-to-eat corn flakes come in sealed packaging to keep moisture and heat away. You can store the pack in a hygienic place to preserve its freshness.

Product Information

Brand LuLu PL
Content 2 x 375g
Type Corn Flakes

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