Lusine Chocolate Cup Cake 18 x 30g

QAR 15.50
QAR 15.50

Lusine Chocolate Cup Cake 18 x 30g

Product Summary


  • Ready-to-eat afternoon snack is loved by all
  • Chocolate filling brings all the more delight
  • High-grade ingredients for a wonderful taste
  • Soft and smooth texture melts in your mouth

Product Description

Indulge in the decadent Lusine Chocolate Cupcake and relish its rich flavour on your cheat day. It is made using the best of high-quality ingredients, making the cake super-soft and delicious. The sponge-soft cake has a rich, smooth chocolate centre that bursts open a delightful flavour with the first bite of the cupcake. It instantly melts in your mouth and you are sure to enjoy every bite. You can serve this cake to your loved ones on any occasion like brunch, dinner or snack. This chocolate cupcake is sure to delight your kids as you surprise them with the cupcake when they get back home from school.

Product Information

  • Content 18 x 30g
  • Brand Lusine
  • Type Cakes
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