Mcvities Digestive Dark Chocolate Biscuit 33.3g

QAR 1.75
QAR 1.75

Mcvities Digestive Dark Chocolate Biscuit 33.3g

Product Summary


  • Perfect pick for satiating your sweet tooth
  • Made from carefully sourced ingredients to ensure perfect crunch and flavour
  • Come enclosed in a tight packaging to ensure they stay fresh for a long time
  • Ideal as an energy snack on the go or with tea and coffee
  • Makes for a suitable addition to kid's lunch boxes
  • Contains a healthy blend of calories, carbs, sugar, protein, fat, fibre and sodium
  • Country of origin: Scotland

Product Description

Experience the rich taste of chocolate as you bite into the crunch of the McVities Digestive Dark Chocolate Biscuit. They are made using high-quality, carefully sourced ingredients like wheat flour, cocoa powder, milk, and cream sugar. This ensures the perfect flavour, crunch and texture. These mouthwatering, delicious biscuits are a must-have for any chocolate biscuit lover. Loaded with dark chocolate flavour, the biscuits satiate your cravings at any time of the day. The biscuits are easily digestible, making them a healthy snacking option. They make for a delightful party treat to serve your guests or be carried along as a snack on the go.

Product Information

  • Content 33.3g
  • Brand Mcvities
  • Type Chocolate Coated
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