The Indian Coffee House Appam Batter, 1 kg

QAR 7.00
QAR 7.00

The Indian Coffee House Appam Batter, 1 kg


Product Summary

  • Appam Batter is a traditional South Indian batter made with high-quality rice and urad dal, perfect for making delicious and fluffy appams
  • The batter is fermented to perfection, resulting in a light and airy texture that is easy to cook and great to eat
  • Appam Batter is free from any preservatives or artificial flavours, ensuring that you get the most authentic taste of homemade appams
  • The batter is ready to use, saving you the hassle of soaking, grinding, and fermenting the rice and dal separately
  • Appam Batter is versatile and can be used to make a variety of dishes, such as idlis, dosas, uttapams, and more
  • The batter is a great source of carbohydrates and proteins, making it a healthy option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Product Description

Make delicious and fluffy appams with the traditional appam batter from The Indian Coffee House. This ready-to-use batter is made from high-quality rice mixed with just the right amount of water to create a perfectly smooth and consistent texture. This batter is ideal for making soft and fluffy appams that are crispy on the edges and have a slightly sour and fermented taste. The Indian Coffee House Appam Batter is free from any added preservatives or chemicals, making it a healthy and nutritious option for breakfast or any meal. The batter is easy to use and requires minimal preparation time. Simply take the required amount of batter, pour it onto a heated appam pan, and swirl it around to get the characteristic round shape. Allow it to cook for a few minutes until the edges are crispy and the center is fluffy and cooked. You can add some grated coconut or jaggery to the batter to make sweet appams or mix in some spices and vegetables to make savory versions. Get The Indian Coffee House Appam Batter for fluffy, crispy, and delicious appams.

Product Information

Content 1 kg
Brand The Indian Coffee
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