Haircare Mistakes You Should Avoid

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

Haircare Mistakes You Should Avoid

When it comes to bad hair days, it happens to everyone from time to time. We’ve all had that cowlick that just won’t go down, waves or curls that address frizz as soon as we walk outside, split ends that stick out of braids, or strands that have a dull appearance. Locks that look but their best certainly don’t boost our confidence, but the matter usually goes away the following day.

But what if the bad hair days start to happen with you every day? If it looks like despite what you are doing, you simply can’t get your hair to seem shiny and delightful, you would possibly want to start out taking a tough check out your haircare routine. Something as simple as using the incorrect brush for your hair type or damaging your hair with heat once you blow-dry could actually be wreaking havoc on the condition of your mane. They’re easy mistakes to make—but they will have long-lasting consequences on your tresses.

So before you hand over entirely and resign yourself to a lifetime of bad hair days, consider exactly how you’re treating your hair and what you'll do to enhance it. Here are a number of the foremost common hair care mistakes to avoid:

1: You wash your hair way too often.

Even if you’re using the absolute best shampoo available, washing your hair too frequently can associate with some nasty repercussions. The actual fact is that the overwhelming majority of individuals don’t get to wash their hair every single day. Over-shampooing removes the healthy oils from your scalp, leaving the skin dry and irritated and causing the hair to seem tired and lifeless.

We’re not saying you ought to reduce on your shower schedule, just that you simply could probably stand to shampoo less often. Washing your hair every other day (or even every third day) is enough to stay clean and healthy. On non-shampoo days, an easy rinse under warm water can rid your hair of any dust, debris, or product. If your hair looks a touch greasy each day or two after your last wash, evenly spray some dry shampoo to soak up a number of the oil and add volume. Dry shampoo is additionally an important hair care product to use after a sweaty gym session. Once you've got dry shampoo in your haircare carpenter's kit, you’ll be amazed at just how long you'll go between washing.

2: You don’t wash your hair often enough.                 

Infrequent washing is often even as bad as shampooing too often. And with the increase of the “no-poo” movement, during which people wean themselves off shampoo altogether, many ladies are beginning to have chronically dirty hair.

Not only will unwashed hair look but optimal, it can actually cause major problems for the scalp. The detergents in shampoo work to get rid of sebum, a waxy substance secreted by the glands in your skin. When healthy, sebum adds protection to the hair shaft and helps your strands look glossy. But when there’s a build-up, it causes the hair to stay together and appear oily. Plus, sebum resists water, so it is often a struggle to get rid of if you wait too long.

Think you would possibly have neglected your shampoo schedule for each day or two too long? Don’t worry—a strong shampoo with scalp treatment can get obviate the surplus sebum and revive your hair. Use your fingertips to wash it in, then rinse thoroughly.

3: You employ products loaded with harsh chemicals.

Do you obtain the most cost-effective bottles of shampoo and conditioner from the drug store? While there’s nothing wrong with trying to avoid wasting a buck or two, many of those ultra-cheap haircare products and (even a number of their costlier counterparts) are loaded with harsh chemicals that may damage your hair.

Not every ingredient with an extended name is bad for your hair, but there are some to observe out for. Namely, sulfates. These are chemicals that do an extremely great job cleaning your hair. They’re so good at what they are doing, though, that they often strip your hair’s natural oils away within the process. Search for bottles that say “sulfate-free,” and avoid common sulfate ingredients, like sodium lauryl sulfate, to stay your hair clean and lovely.

4: You dry your hair with the incorrect towel.

What does one do once you get out of the shower? If it involves vigorously rubbing and scrunching your hair with any random towel in your bathroom, then twisting it up into a decent turban to dry, you would possibly be damaging your hair.

Wet hair is significantly more fragile than dry hair and wishes to be handled delicately. Instead of scrunching and squeezing the water out, use your fingertips to shake out the surplus water. You’ll also blot hair with a soft cotton fabric to assist get the moisture out. It’d take longer before it dries completely, but your hair is in far better condition.

The towel you utilize matters.  To use on wet hair, old terry cloth towels tend to be too rough. Plus, the small thread loops within the fabric act like hooks for your hair, causing major frizz. Switch to a microfiber hair towel, which is gentler on your strands and helps minimize flyaway.

5: Employing a hand blower that’s too hot.

Few people enjoy sitting under a loud hand blower for an extended period of your time, in order that they use the most popular, most powerful setting to speed things up. That’s a significant haircare no-no, though. Why? It can actually burn your hair! Although you’re short on time, “fry drying” isn't the solution to getting a fast style.

The best hairdryers have multiple heats and power settings. Always use a very cheap setting once you move to dry your hair. Even if it takes longer to dry, your hair will look tons smoother and stay healthier. Use the cool setting to lock in your style toward the top of your blowout.

6: You don’t protect your hair from heat.

Using an all-time low setting on your hairdryer isn’t enough to safeguard your hair from heat damage. If you’re not employing thermal protection on your tresses, they'll still get ruined from any amount of warmth from your straightener, dryer, or curling iron.

Before you utilize any hot tool on your hair, spritz on some heat protection spray. While you generally want to evenly coat your hair with product, it’s not a nasty idea to provide the ends a bit more love, as this is often the part of the strand that’s most liable to damage from heat.

The main purpose of a thermal protector spray is to shield your hair from the results of high temperatures. However, it’s not a nasty idea to urge within the habit of spraying it on your hair a day, even though you’re not using heat to style, because thermal spray also gives your hair some extra protection from the weather and leaves a smooth finish.

7: You’re teasing your hair an excessive amount of.

Big, voluminous hair is on-trend. But since most people weren’t born with naturally billowing locks, we believe a trick of the trade to urge a boost: teasing. We backcomb our roots to form it appear as if we've lots of dimensions. It’s a completely harmless technique, right?

Wrong. While there’s nothing wrong with teasing your hair for sort of a birthday or celebration wedding or an occasional special event, backcombing your hair can be harmful to the cuticles and leave the strands at risk of breakage. That daily va-va-voom from backcombing just isn’t well worth the long-term damage to your hair.

With that being said, employing a volume-boosting haircare product can offer you locks that might make Dolly Parton jealous without incurring damage from over-teasing. Spray it into your roots, then blow-dry and elegance as was common for a voluminous finish.

8: You don’t protect your hair in the dark.

How does your hair look once you awaken within the morning? If it’s super tangled and you appear as if you only got out of a windstorm, you’re probably damaging your hair while you sleep—and causing yourself a serious styling headache within the a.m.

Just like old terry cloth towels, your run-of-the-mill pillowcase usually isn’t the simplest choice when it involves protecting your hair. Switch to a silk pillowcase. It doesn’t grip the hair like cotton or synthetic fibers, so it’s more likely that you’ll awaken with smooth, tangle-free locks. Plus, silk usually features a cool feeling thereto, creating a pleasing sensation as soon as your head hits the pillow.

You could always choose a silk nightcap instead. It’ll offer even more protection and increase the longevity of your style. Hey, blowouts don’t come cheap—make sure you’re making the foremost of your styling investment by treating your tresses well while you catch your sleep.

9: You’re too rough along with your tangles.

Knots are frustrating—we totally catch on. Sometimes hair can get so tangled that we aggressively attempt to brush all the knots out, usually losing tons of hair within the process. Ugh!

It’s worth cultivating some patience when it involves snarls in your mane, though. Being gentle as you are trying to get rid of knots can assist you to avoid broken strands and hair loss. One tool that may assistance is a detangling comb. These wide-tooth combs are designed to untangle knots a few strands at a time without ripping through your hair. They’re definitely a better choice than a boar-hair brush when it involves grooming your hair.

Detangling spray can also help loosen up even the foremost stubborn of tangles. It lubricates the strands so you'll run through the knots without damaging your hair. Bonus: Detangling dispenser also acts as a leave-in conditioner that won’t overcome your hair. Mention a double whammy for your haircare!

10: You never deep condition your hair.

Daily conditioning may be a great initiative to keeping your hair healthy, but if you’re not deep conditioning a minimum of a few times monthly, you’re making an enormous mistake.

Between styling, washing and removing knots, we put our hair through the wringer. Deep conditioning not only repairs a number of the daily damage to your hair, but it also helps prevent future breakage by strengthening your strands.

We will suggest you to making a weekly self-care ritual out of the deep conditioning treatment. Generously slather on deep conditioner, lop your hair during a loose bun atop your head, and cover it with a cap. Then sit back, and let it soak in while you watch a movie. Your hair will feel completely restored when you wash out the treatment.

11: You don’t protect your hair from the sun.

You wouldn’t leave on a bright sunny day without sunscreen, right? In fact not. So then why do most us still leave within the sun without protecting our hair? A bit like skin, hair is liable to damage from harmful UV rays. Overexposure to the sun can wear away our healthy oils and can permanently damage the hairs. Mention how to ruin your fun within the sun.

Keep your tresses safe by applying a conditioning spray with UV protection before you spend each day outdoors. A trendy hat also can are available handy, not just for shielding your hair from the weather, except for hiding bad hair days. But we doubt you’ll be having very many of these going forward, now that you’re not committing a number of the foremost common hair care mistakes. Happy styling!