How to Choose the Right Mixer Grinder: Buying Guide

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

How to Choose the Right Mixer Grinder: Buying Guide

From a little child to an adult, everyone is aware of what a mixer grinder is. particularly in our homes, we all have big up paying attention to the high-pitch grinding noise of a grinder, whereas someone at our place was making ready that delicious coriander condiment to go with the dosas or pureed tomatoes and onions to create a spicy curry. A mixer grinder is certainly one in all the foremost basic kitchen appliances, however one that we completely cannot do without!

Now, if you're a novice when it comes to buying a mixer grinder, we tend to assure you that the main points mentioned during this article will definitely assist you to select the correct one for you.

So, read on!

Types of Mixers and Grinders

Commonly, there are 2 varieties of mixer grinders available within the market:

Stand Mixers:

A stand mixer is powerful enough to mix numerous components. These mixers are usually used for whipping cream and kneading the dough.

Traditional Mixers:

On the other hand, stand mixers are rarely utilized in kitchens, however, they are mostly found in bakeries, food factories, and different food industries.

Number and Size of Jars:

You need to understand the scale of the grinder jar. For example, if you've got a lot of members in your family, you may want a heavy mixer grinder with large jars. A lot of jars you've got, the versatile will be your grinding. Thus you ought to select a mixer that gives you multiple jars. Normally, a mixer grinder can have 2 separate jars for dry and wet grinding.

Go for a mixer that has a minimum of three jars, thus you'll be able to use them for various uses. This can be ideal if you’re making ready many dishes and you may not get to run around washing them. Ensure that the jar features a rubber or exhausting plastic handle for a decent grip with lids that are toughened and sturdy enough to use daily.

Food processors are so a wise alternative if you're trying to shop for a multi-purpose mixer. There are jars of various capacities along with food processors, and that they additionally go together with interchangeable blades. Some brands additionally provide mixers having a feeding tube, thus you'll be able to add ingredients one-by-one whereas you’re using them. You also get a juicer jar in most cases that facilitate extract fruit and vegetable juices.

Power Usage:

Another major factor to keep in mind whereas getting a mixer grinder is its power consumption. Higher electric power is right for grinding harder ingredients and at a quicker speed. Something from a 500W to 750W is nice enough for the kitchen.


The rpm of a mixer grinder is additionally a very important deciding issue because it tells you the way quick the blade will rotate in a very minute. For a domestic mixer grinder, something from 18000 to 23000 rev is nice enough. A juicer mixer grinder can ideally need low to medium rpm for working with efficiency. At a better rpm, liquids or spices might not be blended or grinding effectively.

Look for quality mixer grinders that have speed management knob/switch to vary the settings as per demand.

Overload Protection

Sometimes we tend to fill our mixer jars whereas grinding or run the mixer for a really long time at a stretch, in such cases, there's a risk of burning the mixer’s motor thanks to the overload pressure. To avoid such a situation, some mixer grinder brands feature overload protection perform that acts as a breaker in case of overload, and any prevents the machine from damaging or breaking down.


If you're an occasional maintenance person and don't like a lot of cleaning jobs, you ought to avoid shopping for mixer grinders having too several jars and equipment. An easy jar or 2 models may well be the simple alternative for you.


Last however not in any respect the least! The worth of your mixer grinder can rely on the features it offers together with the quality. There are some cheap choices within the market, however, they'll not have the simplest features.

Either you are looking for a mixer or grinder or planning to purchase any kitchen appliances, first do a research about the product's availability, pricing, features and all.