How to Choose the Right Toaster

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

How to Choose the Right Toaster

A toaster is an easy-to-use small kitchen appliance for toasting bread with electrically conductive spirals. The way to choose the correct toaster for your home, without making a mistake?

The important quality of toasters is that you can toast bread without oil. Dried bread is healthier than fried.

If you plan to toast bread slices and buns, take a daily toaster. All models have several holes, typically 2 or 4. For safety reasons, choose between models with metal housings, the plastic ones don't keep high temperatures and become too hot.

If you furthermore may want your toaster to grill food, buy a grill toaster or a sandwich maker, having checked its functions beforehand. Choose the device with convection or infrared heating for a high cooking speed. Determine where it's to be placed, as some models are larger.

Types of Toasters

There are two main varieties of toasters you’ll come upon in your search, each of them available in several size options.

  • Pop-Up Toasters
  • Shop for Toasters

Often these are just mentioned as “toasters” with none qualifier. When someone says the word, this is often likely what you picture: a little appliance in your kitchen that has either two or four slots on the highest that you simply drop your bread into, move on a lever, and also the toast pops up when it’s ready.

Pop-up toasters are available 2-slice and 4-slice varieties and are specifically designed for toasting. A number of them work best if you intend to stick with bread that comes in standard sizes, while others offer wider slots that do a far better job of accommodating other pastries, like bagels or Texas toast.

They’re affordable, easy to use and may be found just about anywhere. The fact that they’re designed specifically for this one purpose means the method of making toast is easier with a pop-up toaster than it is with the other method.


  • Easy to use.
  • Designed solely for creating toast.

To Keep in Mind:

  • You can only make two or four slices at a time, looking at the model you accompany.
  • Only good for toasting foods that fit into the slots, you can’t use it for the other quite cooking.
  • Countertop kitchen appliance
  • Find the simplest toaster oven

Countertop toaster ovens are good for making toast but are often used for a variety of other kinds of cooking besides. Some people buy them to use as an alternative or replacement for a regular oven, which uses more electricity and takes longer to cook with.

While you'll find 4-slice countertop toaster ovens that are compact and take up less space on your counter, you'll also find larger models which will make six or nine slices of toast at just the once. If your family is large and features a healthy appetite, a countertop unit that will make enough toast for the entire family quickly will make your mornings easier.

Typically, countertop ovens will cost a bit more than pop-up toasters, as they supply a good array of uses beyond just making toast. Many countertop ovens will often include features that go far beyond just toast, including make pizzas, bake cookies, and a few even go with a rotisserie function. If you only want something that produces toast, these are probably overkilled. But if you would like something that accomplishes many of the tasks you’d turn to your conventional oven for, they’re a wise buy.


  • Have many uses beyond making toast.
  • Come in both compact and enormous sizes.

To Keep in Mind:

  • More expensive than pop-up toasters.
  • Not as simple in design.

Features to consider

When buying a pop-up toaster, here are a number of the details to consider:

Browning Options

The latest toasters from a number of renowned brands accompany different browning modes. Counting on your preference, you'll choose the crispiness and color of the toasts. The simplest part is these toasters provide consistent browning, albeit you're toasting multiple batches.

Size of the Slots

The next point is that the size of the slots. Once you choose a two-slot toaster, ensure its deep slots. This makes it easy to perfectly toast the large slices of bread easily.

Defrost Option

Thawing cold bread on a busy morning takes up tons of your time. When choosing a toaster, check that it's a defrost option, which makes it easy to thaw cold bread before toasting.

Cleaning Tray

Cleaning bread crumbs from the surface of the toaster may be a difficult task. This is often the explanation why check that the toaster comes with a removable tray to simply clean the bread crumbs.

In addition to checking the points mentioned above, confirm you check the after-sales service of the brand that you simply are choosing. Following the guide mentioned above will assist you to choose the right toaster, which is definitely worth the price and meets your specific needs.