How to Clean and Maintain Your Portable Air Conditioner

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

How to Clean and Maintain Your Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are an excellent, cost-effective way to keep your entire house comfortable throughout the summer. They will be easily moved around, serving to you calm down your bedroom or home office for a fraction of the worth.

A clean air conditioner is more energy-efficient and higher for your health. Each appliance has to be taken care of for optimum performance and longevity. That is why cleaning it's necessary when a period of storage or disuse.

Proper maintenance may be a good way to save lots of money within the long-standing time because the unit can operate with efficiency and consume less energy. It’ll also allow you to enjoy a far easier and cool interior throughout the hot and humid months while not the worry of the unit breaking down.

Although cleanup a portable air conditioner is fairly simple, provide yourself some hours if it is your first try. Here are some tips to get you going.

Routinely Clean the Exterior:

The exterior of a portable air conditioner ought to be clean habitually. The dirtier the skin looks is commonly indicative of however filthy the inside parts became too.

Unplug and Move:

First, unplug the unit and carry it out of the window or wall gap. Next, place it on a durable work surface and remove its front cover and case in keeping with the manufacturer's instructions.

Get somebody to assist you with this step! Air conditioners are very significant, especially older models.

Always Replace and Maintain the Filters:

First, remove the filter from the front grill and either Replace or wash it.

Special dirt filters on some models of air conditioners that take away pollen and different allergens might not be replaceable attributable to the "fineness" of the filter mesh. The manufacturer's instructions can tell you.

Vacuum the Fins:

Using a brush attachment, completely and thoroughly vacuum the evaporator fins. Straighten any bent fins with a fin straightener comb, sold-out at HVAC components suppliers.

Wash the Condenser Coil:

To wash the condenser coil (best done outdoors), initial make sure the unit's drain holes are open and cover the fan motor and its wiring compartment with a bag.

Use a garden hose to spray down the condenser coil from the surface. Rinse away any grime that collects within the unit's drain pan. Then wipe off any water left once the pan has drained.


Wash the Filter and Drain Tube

Cleaning the air-conditioning filter a minimum of once a month throughout the cooling season is crucial.

  • Wash the foam or metal mesh filter in heat water with a squirt of dishwashing detergent.
  • Rinse and let dry completely before reinstalling the filter.
  • Always replace disposable filters with a brand new version of the constant model.
  • As the air-conditioning season wears on, there is a good chance your unit's drain tube may become clogged by algae.
  • Check your A/C's drain tube by inserting a bit of wire into the drain tube that is accessible from the bottom of the unit.
  • Move the wire around the tube's interior to scour out algae, if there's any.
  • Next, using a previous medicine dropper, pour a teaspoon of household ammonia into the tube to stop new growth.

Fix Any Leaking Gaskets

Each spring, check the seals and gaskets around the air conditioning unit to form certain they're not leaky air.

Leaks mean cool air will escape and hot, wet air will enter the area being air-conditioned.

Repair or replace any that are deteriorated.

Keep Out of Sunlight

Window-mounted air conditioners work less with efficiency in direct daylight.

If potential, mount your air conditioning unit on a shady wall or place a sunshade over the window to reduce exposure to the sun.

After you've got completed the last step to wash the air conditioner, replace the unit's casing and canopy. Then come back the cooling system to its mounted position.

A Professional Check-Up is an Honest Thing:

If you have got an HVAC system in your home and there comes a time after you have it professionally repaired, don’t forget to ask the technician to require a look at your moveable cooling system too.

A quick review by a technician for any price out of the normal may save you costly repair costs within the future.