How to Get 100% Efficiency from Your Air Purifier

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

How to Get 100% Efficiency from Your Air Purifier

In today’s time, when air pollution statistics are increasing day by day and spreading the instances of Asthma and many other respiratory illnesses, everyone is too worried to breathe in good air. The air quality in confined places like offices and homes is getting even worst. To get relief and breathe in purified air, many households and offices are turning to air purifiers.

Most of the allergic illness and reactions are given by air pollution. A quality air purifier can be helpful for us to live in purified air and feel comfortable breathing. It can be a daunting task to select an air purifier that meets your need. Here we will know steps to find most out of office and home purifiers:

Right Purifier Selection

If you are thinking of getting an air purifier, before making purchase you must consider the air filtration technology and your usage scenario. You should consider the main things like filter type, coverage area and delivery rates for clean air.

Air Purifier Placement

Air purifier placement is one of the most important factor to determine the efficiency of your home air purifier. Place it properly in an exact way of clean air flow towards you. Do not place your air purifier device in a confined space such as between furniture items. Too low and high space placement for the device also can reduce the performance.

Doors and Windows

The doors and windows should be closed when air purifier is being used to keep polluted air outside. Air purifier device also need a closed space to produce quality air like air conditioners. Users must be aware of the proper usage guide for the air purifier to avoid the complaints they make about air purifier working and air quality reflection.

Timely Filters Replacement

It is important to do a regular check of air purifier filters to keeping the air effectiveness. Filters should be checked and changed timely. Always use the original HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters.

Due to high levels of indoor air pollution, air purifiers are becoming an essential home and office product. Take a prudent health safeguarding step and buy good quality air purifier.