Incredible Uses of Petroleum Jelly

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Incredible Uses of Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is a reasonable product and is used by people everywhere in the world. Petroleum jelly is also called petrolatum and is a semisolid substance containing waxes and mineral oils. The main ingredient of petrolatum, i.e., petroleum helps seal the skin by forming a water-protective barrier. This helps retain the moisture in your body.

The benefits of the petroleum jelly come from its main ingredient petroleum, which is used with a water-protective barrier to seal your skin. This helps your skin heal and retain moisture. Read on to find out what else you'll use petroleum jelly for:

Moisturize your face, hands, and more:

Face lotion and body Lotion: After a shower, apply the petroleum jelly. As an occlusive moisturizer, it prevents the skin from drying out. You’ll also use it for dry noses during cold or allergy season.

Cracked heels: Soak your feet in warm water with some salt added to that. Towel-dry thoroughly and apply petrolatum and clean cotton socks.

Improve your gardening hands: After washing and drying, use some petrolatum and a clean pair of gloves to assist lock in moisture and accelerate healing.

Heal minor wounds:

Petroleum jelly is often being used to heal minor wounds, and by minor wounds, we strictly mean minor wounds like scrapes or burns. Don’t use it if you've got something serious. Apply it if you've got some minor skin injuries. Petroleum jelly helps to keep the skin moist which increases the healing process. However, before applying it to the affected area, clean it properly and disinfect too. Furthermore, it's advised that you simply consult a doctor before using it, just to get on the safe side.

Heal diaper rashes:

Petroleum jelly also can be used on the diaper rashes. If your baby has diaper rashes, you'll use petroleum jelly. Clean your baby’s skin; towel-dry the area, then apply some jelly. It’ll prevent the skin from constant exposure to moisture.

Remove eye makeup:

Oil is an efficient way to remove makeup, and petrolatum is safe to use within the eye area, as per a study on eye ultrasounds. Use a cotton pad or Q-tip (for hard to achieve areas), and press gently without tugging too hard on your skin. Ensure to close your eyes as you wipe.

Remove makeup stains:

If you stained your favourite shirt with lipstick, apply some petrolatum thereon. Then wash your shirt the same way.

Preserve the perfume’s scent:

In hot summer months, once you sweat like anything, perfumes and deodorants keep you going. But the fragrance of perfumes and deodorants might not last long. If you wish its fragrance to last long, rub a bit amount of petrolatum on the area of your skin where you'll spray. Using petrolatum as a base for your perfume may help it last longer.

Use it on your nails:

Using petrolatum on your nail plates can make them shiny and strengthen your nails with time.

Use it to unlock zippers:

If you've got a handbag with a stuck zipper, lubricate the zipper with petrolatum. A small amount of finagling then can make it work.

Unlock jars:

Dab some petrolatum on the lid and threads of the jar to stop it from getting stuck.

Surface polish:

If your wooden furniture has lost its shine with time and it's not glossy, then take some petrolatum on a soft cloth and polish the surface to form it seem like new. It might wipe the dust away and produce its shine back.

Although petroleum jelly is incredibly beneficial, it's its share of disadvantages too. Know its side effects before using it.

  • Some people are sensitive to petrolatum. If you experience skin irritation or the other abnormalities after applying it, then discontinue its use.
  • Applying petrolatum on the skin before cleaning the affected area might cause an infection.

Petroleum jelly has been used for various purposes. But these are some ways of using petrolatum that you simply might not have known before. Try these out and see what quantity they will assist you out.