Innovative Ways to Use an Electric Kettle

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Innovative Ways to Use an Electric Kettle

A handy appliance that you simply will find hidden in the rooms of most of the hostellers is undoubtedly the electrical kettle. The electric kettle is something that one can swear by, despite whether you're a student, a working professional, or a housewife.

An electric kettle is often used for far more than simply boiling water. This handy and compact appliance also can be used for preparing beverages like tea, coffee, and quick snacks.

You can pre-boil the water in your kettle and speed your cook time for nearly any meal, including pasta, vegetables, gravies, or want to awaken with a powerful coffee, and more. Today we'll look over a number of the uses for your electric tea kettle, from the foremost common to the foremost overlooked uses.

If you're wondering how you'll effectively use your electric kettle, then this post is simply for you. We’ll discuss the innovative electric kettle uses.

Water Boiling:

Out of all the electrical kettle uses that we are getting to discuss here, one among the most basic and first uses of an electric kettle is for boiling water. It’s just because an electrical kettle can boil water within seconds. Depending upon the capacity of the electric kettle, you'll boil any required amount of water.

Making Tea:

If you're a tea lover, you'll use an electric kettle for brewing an ideal cup of tea. It is often very frustrating to keep making rounds of the kitchen, again and again, just to organize a cup of tea. Keep the electrical kettle beside your bed and prepare a cup of tea whenever you are feeling like having it. The simplest part is you'll also make a Masala chai using an electric kettle.


An electrical kettle can be one of the must-have appliances for you if you are a coffee addict. Many working professionals prefer having coffee. But who has the time to run to the kitchen whenever they need to keep themselves awake? You’ll now brew the proper cup of coffee in an electric kettle. Just boil water and drop the acceptable amount of coffee powder. If you wish black coffee, don't add sugar, and if you've got an appetency, just add the specified amount of sugar, and you're good to go!

Boil Milk:

Just like boiling water, you'll also boil milk in an electric kettle. Especially if you've got a baby in the house, boiling milk in an electric kettle can convince be a boon. Boiling milk in a traditional cooking stove requires constant watch and you, of course, cannot do it in a microwave safely.

Hence, the simplest option here is to boil milk in an electric kettle. You’ll go and take a step beyond by adding the chocolate sauce. Yes, right! You’ll treat yourself with a glass of cocoa too.

Boiled Eggs:

If you are looking for a healthy morning breakfast option, it can be boiled eggs. Boiling eggs on a standard gas range can take forever. If you're trying to find a fast way of boiling eggs, then an electric kettle is often used.

Boiling eggs in an electric kettle is quick and hassle-free. If you've got never tried an electrical kettle for boiling eggs, it’s time you tried that. And yes, don’t forget to match the cooking time, you'll be surprised to ascertain the difference!

Instant Noodles:

Midnight hunger has been a problem for several, especially the hostellers. The most effective option which is obtainable for many people is to have instant noodles. With an electrical kettle, you'll easily cook delicious instant noodles and save the cash that you simply would have otherwise spent in ordering food from outside at an excellent pricey rate!

Instant Oatmeal:

If you're ever running late in the morning otherwise you often have a busy morning, you'll prepare yourself instant oatmeal in an electric kettle. An electrical kettle can cook your oatmeal within five minutes. All you would like to do is first boil the water then add the packet of instant oatmeal. A delicious breakfast is going to be ready soon!


In a season, don’t we all crave a bowl of delicious hot soup? If you are doing not want to spend hours preparing yourself a decent soup within the kitchen, just switch to the electrical kettle. Chop all the vegetables that you simply want in your soup, add water and therefore the soup powder and prepare a hot bowl of soup within minutes. You, of course, have the choice of preparing soup from a moment soup powder.

Rice Boiling:

Are you trying to find a lazy guy’s guide for steaming rice? The only thing that you simply will need is an electric kettle. You’ll use it to boil rice. And aside from simply boiling rice, you'll cook yourself tasty vegetable pulao.

Are you wondering how you'll cook it? Well, first soak the rice for about 20-25 minutes. Now chop all the vegetables that you simply want within the rice. Within the final step, mix the rice and vegetables and add spices, salt, and water in an appropriate amount and cook it. Isn’t that simple?

Boil Potatoes:

Potatoes are evergreen vegetables. It’s used almost altogether the dishes. Whether you would like to have a light-weight snack, potatoes are something which is that the most used vegetable within the kitchen. You’ll now use an electrical kettle to boil potatoes then add the boiled potatoes to organize your favorite dishes.