Make Your Perfume Last All Day Long

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Make Your Perfume Last All Day Long

There is nothing more wonderful than being remembered for a perfume’ these words by Roja Dove itself signifies how perfume is an important contributing factor to one’s personality. Not only it makes your aura more admirable but also intensifies your presence.

Choice of perfumes: There are different types and varieties of perfumes around the world. Some are meant to be worn at night, some are worn during the day to get relief from scorching sun and body odor, some are meant for sports activities, some are preferred for a special occasion, and some for daily use.

After shower Spritz: The best an ideal opportunity to 'wash' yourself in perfume is after a shower. The dampness that your skin gets makes it more responsive to the perfume. You will see that by doing this, your perfume will positively keep going for longer hours.

Pulse point Splash and Moisturize prior to applying: Apply your perfume to Pulse point —explicitly to the wrist, neck, and elbows and behind your ears—as they are the most responsive to changes in internal heat level. It will layer and secure in the perfume and improve the fragrance.

Another factor to consider when purchasing perfume is the primary fixings in the perfume. Attempt and purchase ones with more grounded base notes and make your perfume last all day long, for this go for woody or musky notes like sandalwood, cedar wood and amber.

The popular varieties of perfumes widely used around the globe are:

Eau de Parfum:

It has a fragrance concentration of 15% and 20% making it last for five to seven hours. It is generally less expensive as it has higher volume of alcohol than perfume.

Eau de Toilette:

It has a fragrance concentration between 5% to 15%. It is more popular than Eau de Parfum as it is cheaper and normally lasts for two to three hours.

Eau de Cologne:

It has generally less concentration of fragrance which lies between 2% to 4% and higher concentration of alcohol which makes the user feel cooler.

Eau Fraiche:

It has a lower amount between 1% to 3% and also less amount of alcohol but more amount of water and lasts up to two hours.

It is to be noted that while Eau de Parfum is used during the nighttime and Eau de Toilette is more used during the daytime. Eau de Cologne is more used to make the body feel cool and less precipitative.

While the perfumes and their types can only serve as an agent to reduce the body odor and to serve as an accessory to be worn on special occasions, the most important factor to make the perfume last longer lies in keeping one clean, hydrated, moisturized, good clothes and personal hygiene. These will enhance the lasting capability of the perfume till one is using the right type of perfume at the right time.

Choose your perfume wisely and keep your personal hygiene sane, the perfume will last longer and eventually will end up becoming the best accessory you can ever wear.