Natural Ways to Dye Your Hair at Home

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Natural Ways to Dye Your Hair at Home

You are entitled to natural beauty natural products and it turns out that we can use a lot of natural ingredients for hair care products - some of which we can find in our kitchens - for whom creating new hair color is. It depends on what color you are looking for, how intense you want it and how much time you want to spend.

You can dye your hair in many ways, get it done in a salon, out of the box at home, or use a temporary color spray. However, traditional hair dyes may contain potentially toxic and harmful chemicals such as ammonia or paraben.

One way to avoid these chemicals is natural hair dye, which often uses ingredients that you may already have at home. It may take some time and experimentation to get the color you are looking for, but in the meantime you can actually do something good for your hair.

NOTE: natural color products are not the same as chemical color products.

Henna: This is natural plant-based dye used to make short time tattoos on the skin. It is mainly used to make your hair red. Henna Powders also available in market.

SAGE: In the event that you have dull earthy colored or dark hair and need to obscure it up somewhat, sage is a decent choice. It can develop shades of brunette hair, and it can likewise help hide silver hairs. Firstly, leave the dried Sage leaves in two cups of water to boil for ten minutes. Then after boiling keep the mixture to cool. Once the mixture cools down, put the mixture in a pot. Now wash your hair with shampoo first and then wash with this mixture at the end.

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Carrot Juice: If you want to give your hair a reddish-orange color, try carrot juice. Depending on the color of your hair, the tint may last a few weeks.

Beet Juice: If you want a dark red color with cooler undertones, choose beet juice rather than of carrot juice.

Lemon Juice: While henna is utilized to imbue rosy tones into your hair, lemon juice is an incredible alternative for normally featuring your locks, and it very well may be applied with a spray bottle.

Honey: It might seem like a tacky arrangement; however crude honey is really perhaps the best methods for normally easing up hair. That is on the grounds that when weakened, it contains hydrogen peroxide.

Chamomile: Like lemon juice, chamomile is a characteristic hair lightener and can likewise be applied to the hair by utilizing a splash bottle. Start by blending a solid group of chamomile tea. For a more profound shading, utilize different packs of chamomile. Ensure the tea totally cools before you add it to the splash bottle.

Coffee: Dye your hair a shade or two darker by brewing a strong cup of your favorite dark roast coffee. After the coffee is ground, add a spoon or two to the coffee mixture and coat the hair.