Refrigerator Buying Guide

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Refrigerator Buying Guide

Food preservation methods are important in terms of the number maintained for sustenance, but readily available fresh produce provides an improved quality of nourishment. The appearance of modern refrigeration is additionally liable for feats in sciences like cryogenics and living standard comforts like air conditioning.

The days of the boring old refrigerator are gone. Nowadays, the manufacturers are thinking constantly outside the icebox to bring new technologies, designs, and features into your home. Whether you're remodeling your kitchen or your old refrigerator just must get replaced, choosing a brand new one could seem overwhelming.

As a result, today's shopper will find an ever-increasing range of color and magnificence options, cleverly designed units designed to disappear into your decor and a good sort of new smart features, including ones aimed toward transforming your kitchen into an entertainment hub. It's enough to form you wonder if the old' icebox could be looking a bit of an identity crisis.

This guide will assist you to concentrate on many key things that may help you find the correct refrigerator or freezer.

Pick a Style

Refrigerators are available in different configurations, you would like to figure out which configuration is the most convenient one or the foremost satisfying one for you. Most of the people prefer bottom freezers or top-mounted freezers, per their needs, side by sides is most effective for a smaller kitchen.

Top Freezer - this is often that classic look with two doors that pull open from the side with the larger compartment for keeping food cooled and therefore the smaller compartment on top in the freezer.

Bottom Freezer - this is often the reversed look of the highest freezer kind of refrigerators with the freezer located at the bottom. Typically, the bottom freezer for this style pulls out sort of a drawer rather than being pulled open from the side.

Side By Side - This type of fridge has both compartment doors ready to be pulled open from the middle of the unit. Usually, the freezer is found on the left side. Generally, an ice and water dispenser is found on the surface of the freezer door too.

French Door - From side by side and a bottom freezer this look borrows elements in French door refrigerators. The cooling compartment is found on the highest portion of the refrigerator and therefore the freezer compartment is found on the bottom. The doors pull open from the center on top and also the freezer door pulls open from rock bottom like a drawer.

Kitchen Space

No one has can have a fridge in their kitchen larger than the area you've got, so you need to skills much room there's available in your kitchen for your new refrigerator. You’ll do that by measuring, but you retain in mind to spare some inches around so you'll operate the fridge at its best and there should be enough space around it so that air can circulate easily. Also, you want to keep a note of the quantity of space required to swing open the doors.

Eating Habits

If you prefer to cook often then you'd probably prefer a freezer on the bottom unit so that you'll avail your refrigerated items at a more convenient height. Or, if you don’t cook so often then you'd most likely just like the freezer at the grab and go height so that you don’t need to dig certain your food. A side by side refrigerator can fulfill your needs in both situations, but it'll not be convenient for you to store wider items because the compartments are narrow.


A side by side fridge is maybe the simplest pick if you've got kids at home as you'll be ready to place the things on lower shelves and it'll be easily accessible by them. A number of us often tend to stand ahead of the refrigerator to browse for the contents, for the French door style is going to be better as they unleash very less cold air which can also help in energy conservation.


Refrigerators of all costs have several options which may make your life much easier and arranged. Those which are usually most loaded with features are the French door units. You’ll have a built-in wine rack or water dispenser, but you'll get to distribute top dollar.

In the past, the foremost important feature a refrigerator provided was the power to stay your fresh foods from spoiling too quickly. Nowadays, you'll even watch television in your fridge. Here are some essential features to think about when buying a replacement refrigerator:

Shelf & Compartment Space - This won't seem obvious initially but an honest fridge should provide enough space for storing, also as, enough shelves and compartments to stay all of your food items organized.

Water and Ice Dispensers - It's almost commonplace to check refrigerators ready to dispense filtered water and ice cubes with the benefit of pushing a button but not every fridge will have one. Having a water and ice dispenser on a fridge is convenient to realize access to ready-made ice cubes and filtered water.

Humidity Control - Humidity control also important as certain food items (dried goods) require little to no humidity and certain fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) require more humidity.

Power Cooling - Sometimes referred to as Express Chill, Quick Cool or similar. This feature is usually found in one particular compartment or drawer to rapidly cool or freeze food items. A useful feature for quickly cooling beverages or soften frozen dessert from grocery shopping.

Temperature Control - a typical user-control setting for desired coldness a fridge provides is quickly available on most, if not all, fridges but there also are refrigerators capable of individual compartment temperature control.


Traditional refrigerators are those that have the freezer above and fridge below them, they're usually the smallest amount expensive, but the worth may differ depending upon the outside finish so you want to consider the aesthetics of your refrigerator. Spending extra money can get you features like water dispenser, four doors, and compartments with different modes. Alternatively, just find out what quantity you're willing to spend and check out to urge the refrigerator with the simplest specifications therein budget.

Electricity Bill

Usually, a refrigerator accounts for around 15% of your total electricity bill so you'd probably prefer a refrigerator which doesn't hurt your pocket will huge bills. Refrigerators during which the freezer is mounted on the highest use less electricity than others, Energy star units use much less electricity than those who aren’t rated. Single door refrigerator is the most energy-efficient.

Cleaning Habits

Your fridge will look beautiful only it's clean, but it can get easily smudged by fingerprints. You can save yourself from cleaning constantly your fridge by getting a faux-stainless steel model and also wire shelves are harder to wash than the glass shelves so choose the one with the glass shelves with lips so that it can contain the spill and assist you not make your fridge messy.

Additional Advice

Noise - It's highly doubtful anyone would enjoy hearing a loud compressor running at a high frequency. Nowadays, some homes do not have wall partitioned rooms for a separate kitchen, whether intentionally or by choice. It's worth investing during a new refrigerator that has measures implemented to scale back noise.

Energy Star - Refrigerators require constant use of electricity. Not only does this put a strain on your energy bills, but also with new technology being introduced all the time, newer refrigerators help meet more environmentally sound standards.

Adjustable Shelving - Food items are available in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Having the ability to regulate the shelving or compartments inside your fridge is beneficial to be more efficient in food storage.

Ease of Use - Some refrigerators are opting to possess interior ice and/or water dispensers inbuilt. This is often mostly a design choice by the manufacturer to possess a cleaner exterior look. However, it is also a preference for the buyer on whether or not they need an exterior or interior dispenser. Therewith being said, exterior ice and/or water dispenser provides a benefit in simple use and therefore the retention of coldness without having to open the refrigerator door.


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