Surprising things you can do with Food Processor

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

Surprising things you can do with Food Processor

So you only got a food processor — now what does one do with it? Luckily, you’ve just opened the door to more culinary creations than you'll imagine.

Sure, a food processor is great for its typical blending and grinding, but you'll make all kinds of meals and utilize a wide variety of shortcuts to make your cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Although a number of these foods are often made during a blender, a food processor contains the ability and precision needed to expertly execute specific kinds of food preparation. If you’re trying to find some creative ways to use your kitchen appliance, try the below-given uses for the handy kitchen gadget.

Make Butter

Ditch the store-bought butter stuff, and make your own butter. All you would like is cream, and you’ve got yourself some fresh butter that may be ready in as little as 10 minutes.

Bread Crumbs

Instead of throwing away that tough, put a stale piece of bread into your food processor — you'll never need to buy bread crumbs again! For added flavor, add some herbs and seasoning.

Veggie Burgers

Whether you use chickpeas, black beans or another sort of base, you'll whomp up your own veggie burgers during a jiffy. Add your own spices to make sure they taste precisely the way you want.

Shred Potatoes

Making hash browns or potato pancakes? Use your food processor instead of the grater. The handy machine comes with a grater blade, so put that baby to use rather than slaving away by hand.

Chop a Salad

Chopped salads are delicious, but it can desire a nuisance having to interrupt up the leaves by hand. You’ll shred greens like cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and other root vegetables in a kitchen appliance.

Make Ice Cream

You don’t need an ice cream maker to make your own frozen treats. you'll make regular ice cream in a food processor with just some ingredients, otherwise, you can take the healthy route and blend a frozen banana to form a dairy-free frozen dessert that’s still loaded with flavor.

Whip Up Hummus

Hummus is a simple dip you'll throw together in only five minutes, and it comes out creamy and decadent when done in a kitchen appliance. You’ll experiment by adding in several ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes or herbs, and you’ll have a fresh snack available in the least times.

Create Spread

Nut butter-like spread and almond butter are delicious, but they taste even better and are more nutritious when they’re made at home. Employing a kitchen appliance to form nut butter isn't only easy and healthy, but it’s tons cheaper than choosing the store-bought variety also.

Grind Meat

By using your food processor, you can make your own ground meat at home. This permits you to settle on your own cut of meat also as control specific texture. Plus, the meat is fresher and there's less risk of cross-contamination once you use one cut of meat.


Food processors are ideal for emulsifying, the method that transforms any kind of oil (olive oil and canola oil are natural choices) into fresh, creamy mayo.

Easy Sorbet

Cut up a few ripe mango and puree in your food processor. Freeze the pureed mango and whomp up within the kitchen appliance and enjoy the frozen, fruity result anytime you wish.