The Ways Dairy Foods Contribute to Successful Aging

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

The Ways Dairy Foods Contribute to Successful Aging

Dairy products are very important food component of older adult’s a healthy diet. Unfortunately, generally older adults fail to consume the fat-free or low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt. Every older must be aware of how dairy foods can be helpful for delivering the good health, enjoyment and wellness during the senior age. They must be aware to increase their dairy foods intake.

Consuming healthful diet is very helpful to fulfil nutrient needs and reducing the nutrition-related chronic diseases for older adults. We need to encourage the aged peoples to consume fresh fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and protein food products.

The Ways Dairy Products Contributes to Successful Aging:

  • Dairy foods, source of under- consumed nutrients including Vitamin D, Calcium and Potassium. Along with being naturally nutrient- rich, dairy products provides the necessary amount of relatively calories and essential nutrients.
  • As Milk, cheese and yogurt are very rich in high-quality protein, dairy foods deliver all the essential amino acid and high-quality protein that human body needs.
  • Dairy foods have enough nutrients, calcium and Vitamin D to boost the bone health and reduce the osteoporosis risk.
  • Daily consuming the servings of dairy foods in your diet may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, developing high blood pressure.
  • Dairy foods (milk, cheese, yogurt) are helpful for increasing the brain levels of glutathione and helpful for reducing the risk of age-related oxidative stress and several conditions and diseases.
  • Fat-free and low-fat milk, pure juice as well as water can help stay hydrated to the older adults.
  • Dairy foods may help to deliver flavors and taste preferences with wide variety of new flavored dairy foods if older adults may occur with loss of taste and flavor problem.
  • Dairy foods suits for special dietary needs for all ages people.
  • Many dairy foods like milk, cheese and yogurt requires no or little chewing so that older elders who have dental problems can take easily.
  • With being healthy dairy products are too affordable also so that everyone can easily afford that.

Consuming dairy food products including milk, cheese and yogurt is a healthy dietary pattern for every age people. It can be the best things that contribute useful nutrition to order adults or aged people’s health, key components and functionality of successful aging.