Ways to Reduce Water Consumption This Summer

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

Ways to Reduce Water Consumption This Summer

We all knows that our water resources are finite and year to year getting smaller. Nowadays conserving water is more important than ever because more and more areas struggling with the drought. Many households find that water consumption is been increased as more laundry, more lawn watering and so many this kind of water usage in the summers. We also need to reduce water usage as per our need even if we are not living in the region stricken by drought.

Conserving the water usage is not only can help to save water but also will help to reduce your water bills and prevent water pollution in nearby rivers, lakes and watersheds. In this way, you will save water and money both to secure you future. There are many ways to reduce water consumption, some are here to help you to reduce the water consumption:

  • Tap must be turn off when brushing your teeth or scrubbing your hands at handwashing time.
  • While taking shower, put a bucket under the faucet while you wait for shower water to heat up and use that water for watering the plants or toilet flushing.
  • if tap is dripping then hire a plumber and fix your leaks for big water saving.
  • Don’t do unnecessary washing, use full loads in your dishwasher and washing machine always.
  • Start watering your garden with can instead of a hosepipe to reduce water wastage.
  • Install a rain barrel to harvest the rain water to keep your plants hydrated.
  • Always do plants watering in the morning because that time you need less water to give your plants.
  • Reduce the electricity usage because water is also required to produce the electricity. Reducing power consumption will surely reduce the water consumption too.
  • Re-use the grey water (Grey-water is water that leftover from, cooking, bathing or drinking) to flush toilets, wash your can and watering the plants.
  • Always cover the pools when it’s not being used. This way you can save 1000s gallons water due to evaporating.
  • Use broom and avoid using the water hose to clean the sidewalks, driveways and garages to remove debris.

Water supplies are limited, and usage demand is increasing day by day so start reducing water consumption for making a huge positive impact on the world because we all depend on water for our survival.