10 Ways You Never Knew You Could Eat Avocado

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

10 Ways You Never Knew You Could Eat Avocado

Avocados are a healthy indulgence that contains a good deal of nutrition however have a creamy and satisfying texture. You’ll eat some a day to require advantage of a lot of fiber and vitamins and minerals like vitamins B, C, E, and K, also as K and copper. Every avocado is created from roughly 73 water, 15% fat, 8.5% carbohydrates (mostly fibers), and a couple of protein.

Despite their comparatively high-fat content, feeding avocados are truly connected with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. They’ll additionally facilitate weight loss, as a result of feeding avocado keeps you feeling full and glad after meals.

Yes, avocados are delicious and nourishing, however, you'll still get bored feeding them a day. We’ve got you coated there with 10 ways that you ne'er knew you may eat them.

These ways of getting ready avocado are all super artistic and attractive. Prepare to shake up everything you thought you knew concerning the potential of avocado, particularly for suggestions #3, 5, and 10!

Substitute for Fat in Baking

We all love an honest baking substitute that nobody will tell was used. Because it seems, avocado is also substituted 1-for-1 with oil or butter in baked goods! Ensure you mash it well so as to induce the measurements right.

The result's a stunning texture and wealthy flavor that may have individuals dying to grasp however you force it off.

In Salad Dressing

Avocado is a wonderful addition to salads as a result of the fat that helps your body absorb all those nice vitamins and minerals from the veggies. However, you don’t continuously get to dump avocado chunks on there – it additionally makes a delicious sauce.

Avocado dressing is simple to create, too. Simply place some cut avocado, olive oil, and water during a mixer together with seasonings of your alternative. Embrace some acid like juice or vinegar to stop browning. Alternative tasty additions embrace garlic, cilantro, ranch seasoning, or Greek dairy product. The flavor profile is completely up to you.

Substitute for Cream in Mousse or Puddings

Avocado will double for cream in pudding recipes also as fat in baking. You’ll get a similar sleek and splendid texture with a fraction of the saturated fat found in regular creamy desserts.

If you’re distressed regarding the style, rest assured that nobody is going to be able to tell that their pudding contains avocado.

As a Boat

Try halving an avocado, removing the pit, and stuffing no matter delicious toppings you prefer within the depression that’s left. You’ll then eat your avocado boat cold, or bake it soften the avocado and melt any cheese. Some individuals even cook eggs within avocado!

There is no end to the varieties you may build. Betting on your stuffing ingredients, you'll need to get rid of a small amount a lot of avocados and mash it into your stuffing.

An Alternative to Frosting

That’s right. You’ll use avocado in topping also. If you're shaking your head at once, trust the recent trend of bacon cupcakes – it's no weirder than that! The avocado topping includes a satisfying texture and might be flavored with almost any method, together with vanilla, chocolate, and buttercream.

Of course, unless you add chocolate, the ensuing topping is green, therefore confirm that matches along with your combination. Avocado topping additionally needs a small amount of citrus juice to stop browning, which is able to additionally add a flavor part.

Fruit Leather

It may be a struggle to supply healthy snacks for the children, to not mention the grown-ups who are continuous during a hurry. Fruit leather, otherwise called fruit roll-ups, are a preferred grab-and-go treat however they will be filled with sugar. Moderate that a touch by adding avocado and a touch of juice to fruit puree.

After mixing the ingredients till sleek, unfold the mixture on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake it during a hundred seventy-five degree kitchen appliances for 3-5 hours. You’ll understand it’s done once the leather is firm and equally dried.


Avocado could be a welcome addition to smoothies as a result of it creates a thick and creamy texture that keeps your drink from separating. However even higher, the fiber and fat in avocado help your body absorb nutrients and prevents a sugar crash afterward.

You can add the maximum amount of avocado as you would like to virtually any reasonable fruit or vegetable smoothie. A blueberry banana avocado concoction has the added bonus of being nice for your skin!

As a spread

Mashed avocado or guacamole is nice to unfold on whole grain bread, unfit with cracked, or screw-topped on tacos. However, if you go a small amount additional, avocado may also build a very tasty mayonnaise substitute. The principle is that the same as avocado dressing, except you don’t skinny the dressing the maximum amount as you'd the dressing.

Ideal seasonings embrace garlic powder, onion powder, and salt and pepper. Use white or vinegar and juice for the acid part.


When you need a very little indulgence however don’t need to go entirely off the deep finish, attempt breading and cooking slices of avocado. You’ll flavor your breading any manner you prefer, however, cumin makes a particularly nice complement to avocado.

Pan fry your breaded slices for regarding three minutes on both sides, salt, drain, and cool before dipping into home-baked ranch dressing or layering on top of your salad or fry.


Yep, you'll freeze avocado too. Blended into home-baked ice cream or gelato formula, avocado will facilitate offer a soft texture usually missing from home-baked frozen goodies. Unless eaten directly, homemade frozen dessert will generally freeze solid as a result of it lacks the chemical emulsifiers of business products.

Avocado imparts a beautiful green color and a light flavor. You’ll relish it plain or add the extra flavorings of your alternative.

So that of those ten uncommon preparations of avocado can you are trying first? Are you daring enough to leap straight to avocado frosting? If you're keen on avocado, we all know you’ll relish all of those recipes. However, don’t stop there.

Avocado is additionally wonderful as a beauty product for each hair and skin. It really could be a wonder fruit, and whole definitely worth the effort, it takes to catch it at its short peak of freshness. Enjoy!