Cardamom Benefits for Health, Hair & Skin

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

Cardamom Benefits for Health, Hair & Skin

Cardamom is a popular spice, although relatively it’s the third most expensive spice in the world. Cardamom belongs to the Zingiberaceae plants family and scientifically it is known as Elettaria cardamomum.

Basically, there are two types of cardamom available-Green Cardamom are greenish, small pods along with black seeds inside. Both the pods and seeds have unique and strong spicy-flavor. Cardamom is widely used to flavor savory and sweet dishes as well as used in various beverages. It is native to Asian continents like India, Nepal, China, Bhutan, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam etc. It is believed that actually cardamoms cultivation began in India.

The larger one black cardamoms are a darker pods and having a more intense flavor. It is being used to lend a smoky aroma to the dishes and it’s restricted for savory dishes.

If we talk about the nutrition facts of cardamom, it contains antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, calcium, dietary fiber, sodium, carbohydrates and iron. Cardamom is a spices which enhance any dishes flavor, as a medicine cardamom has the innumerable health benefits and magical skin effects. Have a look of the benefits of cardamom:

Lends A Delectable Aroma- cardamom’s most interesting benefits is imparts lovely fragrance. Not only in foods, cardamom can be find in several kind of powders, liquids, soaps, and body washes.

Improves Digestive Health- cardamoms being used in cuisines not just for adding a flavor, but also to enhance the digestion, especially lipids. Cardiomyosum increases the digestive juice production, including bile. Bile is an essential for the fats decomposition from the foods we eat.

Lightens the Complexion- it is one of the lesser known cardamom benefit is its role to give a flawless complexion. It works by removing the dark sports and blemishes and gives your skin a younger and radiant look.

Anti-Ageing- consuming cardamom green regularly can keep your skin glowing and young and prevent the premature ageing. The antioxidant found in cardamom can fights against the free radical s and keeps the skin youthful and healthy.

Proper Blood Circulation- this spice is also known to aid in body for better blood circulation, particularly lungs and it is extremely beneficial to treat many respiratory issues including cough, cold and asthma.

Improves Hair Health- as black cardamoms are rich in antioxidants to prevent the cellular damage and can protect the scalp from free radicals and helps to strengthen the strands.

Oil for Lip and Skin- Cardamom helps to give you a good skin. The essential oil of cardamom applying on some kinds of cosmetics can make the lips very smooth. You can also buy a lip balm which contains cardamom.

Many other benefits of Cardamom:

  • Lowers depression
  • Cures the bad breath
  • Masks bad odors
  • Treats flu and cold
  • Treats cancer
  • Reduces the hypertension
  • Improves appetite
  • Improves gastrointestinal health

Cardamom has many beneficial properties for our health. Shop for best quality cardamom and spices and herbs to stay healthy!