Choosing the Best Air Purifier for You

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

Choosing the Best Air Purifier for You

Its everyone’s right to breathe in clean air. The environment pollution become the biggest challenge for human life. Nowadays, we must remember that indoor pollution is more risky than outdoor pollution. The air available inside our home can be 5 to 10 times dirtier that outside air.

Getting an air purification system for your home is not a luxury, now its been a necessity to avoid asthma, allergies and other pollution illness. One of the most effective way to improve the house and its occupants health is having a good quality portable air purifier. Shopping for best air purifier is a daunting task because all air purifiers are not equal, and we must know what we need to remember while shopping for a good air purifier.

Considering facts when shopping for the best air purifier:

  • Primarily try to find out the effectiveness quality and safety aspects so that air purifier can clean up the air.
  • Choose for portable or whole room air purifier as per your need.
  • Check out the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) that will give you the perfect efficiency rate in a specific square feet area. As CADR considers the standard for 90 square feet room then value will be 60 because normal CADR ratio for the specified area is 2/3.
  • Now two safety attributes also need to keep in mind- first what type of air purifier you are going to shop and what air filter type been fixed in it.
  • Try to avoid ozone air purifier because the air you inhale that will be contaminated particles free and activated with the chemical reactions that can be your lungs damage cause.
  • Shop for HEPA air filters because these are authentic and better than other air filters. But you can go for a conventional carbon air filter if the pollution measurement is less. In this case filters must be altered after every three to four months.

. Shopping for best air purifier

  • Before shopping compare price for the selected air purifier in market.
  • After features, take a close review for the all guarantee and warranty terms and conditions. Along with the guarantee, warranty also should be on each parts of the air purifier device.
  • Also ask for the maintenance cost and operation expenses properly.

Always shop for best quality air purifier to breathe in a fresh and good air. Check all products features and warranty properly. Stay Healthy!